Member News: Our Annual Update on What's Going on at AAII

    Member News: Our Annual Update On What's Going On At AAII Splash image

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    Your AAII membership comes with access to a host of entertaining investment E-newsletters—all designed to help you achieve your financial goals. To enroll in any of our E-newsletters, simply go to and click on the My Account link at the top of the home page. From there, you’ll see “Subscribe to E-Mail Newsletters” in the My Account Links box on the right. The AAII family of E-Newsletters includes:

    AAII Investor Update

    This biweekly E-mail serves as your guide to what’s new and exciting on the Web site.

    AAII Focus

    This E-mail is delivered once each quarter and provides all of the tools, advice and understanding you need to master the four most important areas of investing: mutual fund investing, stock investing, asset allocation and portfolio building and management.

    Asset Allocation Update

    The editors at AAII believe that asset allocation and portfolio management are the key to long-term wealth accumulation. Thus, we’ve developed this quarterly E-mail to keep you up to date on portfolio management issues as well as the performance of several important investment benchmarks.

    CI E-mail
    (Computerized Investing Subscribers)

    This E-newsletter is available only to paid subscribers to AAII’s Computerized Investing publication. It is issued biweekly and covers concepts, Web sites and software services that are handpicked for review by the editors of Computerized Investing.

    E-Newsletter Subscriptions

    Investment E-Books Now on

    As you compile your summer reading list, please carve out some time to enjoy two free E-books from AAII—“Investing Basics & Beyond” and “Portfolio Building.”

    These new E-books bring complicated investment topics down to earth in a concise and conversational way. They’re a must-read for every investor. Each E-book is filled with practical ideas you can immediately put to use. You’ll find yourself turning to them for guidance and direction, time and time again.

    Investment E-Books

    “Investing Basics...and Beyond” is an E-book you may think is only for beginning investors, but it’s filled with so much sound advice that every reader can benefit. You’ll quickly learn how to:

    • Balance risk and return
    • Determine your own personal investment profile
    • Use stock selection strategies
    • Consider special factors when investing for income

    With AAII’s “Portfolio Building” E-book, you’ll easily be able to create, implement and monitor a proper asset allocation strategy.

    Plus, you’ll gain the knowledge to make sure that your portfolio is always working as hard as it should. After reading, you’ll thoroughly understand:

    • Balancing risk and return
    • How life cycle changes affect asset allocation
    • Calculating your current assetallocation
    • Making the transition to a new allocation strategy
    • Strategies to reduce your taxliability
    • Fine-tuning your portfolio during your working years
    • Keeping your portfolio in balance during retirement

    Please use the following link to receive access to your complimentary copies of AAII’s “Portfolio Building” and “Investing Basics & Beyond” E-books: The link takes you to a Web page where you can read the books on-line, print them or simply download them to your computer.

    Explore Local Chapters at

    Local Chapters

    Attending an AAII Local Chapter meeting is a great way to learn more about investing. You can hear presentations by local and national investment experts such as:

    • Roger Conrad discussing “From Utilities to Canadian Trusts: How to Invest Safely for High Yields,”
    • Mitch Zacks covering “Investing Strategy,”
    • Bart DiLiddo providing his insights on “Stock Valuation and Stock Market Cycles,”
    • Tobin Smith giving his entertaining speech on “Investing for Income and Growth,” and
    • John E. Deysher presenting “What’s New in Small-Cap Investing.”

    Local Chapter meeting information is available at—simply follow the steps below to see if there is a local chapter in your area. Getting started is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

    1. Visit and click on a local chapter in your area.
    2. Click on the current meeting date.
    3. View the meeting details and decide if you want to attend!

    Please note that on this page, we offer a PDF with even more information. Simply scroll down the page to “Click here for the [date] Meeting Announcement.” The PDF contains an advance registration form. Many chapters offer discounted attendance fees with advance registration, so please take a moment to review the PDF for any meeting that interests you.

    2009 AAII Investor Conference—Orlando, Florida

    AAII holds an Investor Conference every other year and our next event will be in Fall 2009. You will see more details in the future at and in the AAII Journal. Plan to attend—it’s a one-stop education experience for today’s investor.

    AAII Investor Conference 2009
    Thurs., Nov. 12 – Sat., Nov. 14, 2009
    Orlando, Florida
    Hilton Walt Disney World Resort

    There’s something for everyone at the conference—from fine-tuning your strategies and mastering the latest concepts to simply learning more about investing from some of the best names in the industry. Please take a moment today to “save the dates” November 12–14 so you can plan on attending the AAII Investor Conference.

    Academic Awards: Fostering InvestmentEducation and Research

    Three papers won awards for investment research from AAII in 2007. The awards are presented as part of AAII’s ongoing effort to encourage education and research in the area of investments and are given for papers that provide insight into investing.

    The awards are made in conjunction with the meetings of major finance associations around the country. The best paper in investments presented at these meetings is selected by a committee of investment research experts.

    AAII awards the writers of winning papers $1,000, and papers are selected based on the quality and thoroughness of research and on the contribution to shaping effective investment decisions.

    “Research that rigorously tests old investment theories or proposes new approaches to investment decisions based upon analysis of financial data is particularly meaningful for individual investors,” says John Markese, president of AAII.

    Since the program began in 1983, over 120 awards have been presented. The award-winning papers and recipients for 2007 include:

    “Why Mutual Funds ‘Underperform,’” by Vincent Glode, Carnegie Mellon University, awarded by the Financial Management Association.

    “Reducing Estimation Risk in Optimal Portfolio Selection When Short Sales Are Allowed,” by Gordon J. Alexander, University of Minnesota, Alexandre M. Baptista, The George Washington University, and Shu Yan, University of South Carolina, awarded by the Southern Finance Association.

    “Are Bonds Desirable in Tax-Deferred Accounts?” by Marcel Marekwica, Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany, awarded by the Southwestern Finance Association.

    These papers are technical and are not available from AAII. However, the AAII Journal does publish the findings of papers that are of particular interest to individual investors. If you would like a copy of a paper, you can write directly to the author; contact Alyna Johnson at (800) 428-2244 or for the authors’ addresses. Privacy Policy

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