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  • Member News: Our Annual Update on What's Going on at AAII

    Member News: Our Annual Update On What's Going On At AAII Splash image

    Receive Ongoing Investment Education With AAII E-Newsletters

    Your AAII membership comes with access to a host of entertaining investment E-newsletters—all designed to help you achieve your financial goals. To enroll in any of our E-newsletters, simply go to www.aaii.com/email. The AAII family of E-newsletters includes the following:

    AAII Investor Update

    This biweekly E-mail serves as your guide to what’s new and exciting on the AAII.com Web site. The E-mail covers the articles, tools and guides we post on AAII.com.

    AAII Focus

    This E-mail is delivered once each quarter and provides all of the tools and understanding you need to master the four most important areas of investing: mutual fund investing, stock investing, asset allocation and portfolio building and management.

    Asset Allocation Update

    The editors at AAII believe that asset allocation and portfolio management are the keys to long-term wealth accumulation. Thus, we’ve developed this quarterly E-mail to keep you up to date on portfolio management issues as well as the performance of several important investment benchmarks.

    CI E-mail

    (CI Subscribers)

    This E-newsletter is available only to paid subscribers to AAII’s Computerized Investing publication. It is issued biweekly and covers concepts, Web sites and software services that are handpicked for review by the editors of Computerized Investing.

    Visit www.aaii.com/email to enroll in the AAII E-newletters!

    Discussion Boards Now on AAII.com

    The newest interactive tool available at AAII.com is discussion boards. These members-only forums are a great way for you to interact with other members, exchange investing ideas, discuss hot topics, share experiences and more.

    You can find a link to the discussion boards on the top menu bar on the AAII homepage, or go to www.aaii.com/discussions/boards.

    This new area of AAII.com was created to give members a forum to share investing ideas, ask and answer others’ questions, and discuss financial experiences.

    Use of the discussion boards requires a different free registration from that used to access AAII.com. To register, you fill out a simple form and then an automatic E-mail is sent to your preferred E-mail address. The E-mail will come from webmaster@aaii.com. The E-mail provides a link to access the boards and a username and password, which can be changed after logging in.

    First-time users should start by reading the FAQ section (a link is available at the top of the Discussion Boards homepage). You will learn more about registering and logging in to use the forums, how to respond to existing discussions, and how to create new topics.

    The discussion boards are broken down by topic, and then are grouped by more narrow subtopics. The Portfolios group includes discussion forums for AAII’s stock screens and model portfolios. The Investing Topics group includes the subtopics Computerized Investing, investing basics, stocks, bonds, funds/ETFs, portfolio management, and AAII’s Stock Investor Pro software program. Finally, the General topic group is for “Watercooler Talk,” which includes all hot topics outside of investing.

    Many features of the boards can be customized. You can search the boards by keyword; change the layouts of topic views and color schemes; subscribe to forums and be notified when new comments are posted; send and receive private messages to and from other members; as well as block users.

    SPECIAL OFFER: Get AAII membership FREE for 30 days!

    AAII.com Offers Free Investment E-Books

    As you compile your summer reading list, please carve out some time to enjoy three free E-books from AAII—“Investing Basics & Beyond,” Stock Investing Strategies” and “Portfolio Building.”

    These E-books bring complicated investment topics down to earth in a concise and conversational way. They’re a must-read for every investor.

    “Investing Basics...and Beyond” is an E-book you may think is only for beginning investors, but it’s filled with so much sound advice that every reader can benefit. You’ll quickly learn how to:

    • Determine your own personal investment profile,
    • Use stock selection approaches, and
    • Consider special factors when investing for income.

    With AAII’s “Stock Investing Strategies,” discover how to do your own fundamental analysis to uncover potential winners. You’ll become proficient at:

    • Analyzing a company’s financial condition,
    • Determining the value of a stock,
    • Understanding financial ratios,
    • Screening stocks using various strategies, and
    • Finding undervalued stocks.

    With AAII’s “Portfolio Building” E-book, you’ll easily be able to create, implement and monitor a proper asset allocation strategy.

    After reading, you’ll thoroughly understand:

    • Balancing risk and return,
    • How life cycle changes affect asset allocation,
    • Strategies to reduce your tax liability, and
    • Keeping your portfolio in balance during retirement.

    Please use the following link to receive access to your complimentary copies of AAII’s investment E-books: www.aaii.com/ebooks.

    The link takes you to a Web page where you can read the books on-line, print them or simply download them to your computer.


    M. D from SC posted over 5 years ago:

    I'm seriously considering investment in Vanguard GNMA as an alternative to LOW RATE CD's. Will my principal be protected from LOSS?

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