! Model Fund Portfolio: Replacing a Closed Fund
James B. Cloonan is founder and chairman of AAII. He is author of the book "Investing at Level3: Higher Returns With Minimal Risk for the Long-Term Individual Investor".


Bill Dooley from LA posted over 3 years ago:

Is the pure ETF portfolio reviewed and changes made if needed just as the MF portfolio is? Thanks for any replies.

Charles Rotblut from IL posted over 3 years ago:

Hi Bill,

Yes. The pure ETF portfolio is a subset of the Fund Portfolio and Jim Cloonan will make changes to it as is warranted.


Doug from NY posted over 3 years ago:

You've left out the year 2012 in Table 2 (also in the print version).

Rita Baum from CA posted over 3 years ago:

would like to read more about the top Vanguard funds. Are there other recommendations besides the REIT?
Rita Baum

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