! Money Funds and the Regulators
Mike Krasner is managing editor at iMoneyNet, which provides information on money market funds to institutions.


Roger from Louisiana posted over 4 years ago:

The Gov't should leave money market funds alone. Every time they mess with something they make it worse. They ruined our energy supplies - instead of making our energy supply more independent, they made us more dependent; they ruined our education system; they ruined our health system; they have made millions more dependent on gov't handouts; and much much more. We have been over-regulated to the breaking point. Once we were the free-est nation in the world. All to soon we have dropped to 10th place. At the rate we are going we will soon be a 3rd-world country.

harryrich from Ohio posted over 4 years ago:

Given the fact that the MMF manager's income and decision-making systems are a large part of MMF cost I'd think a manager could have a hard time being objective in a choice between reducing cost and increasing risk. So, regulation seems appropriate. The question as to whether it will work or not is beyond me.

My fear if MMF share prices are allowed to float is that keeping track of or avoiding wash sales, particularly with multiple accounts, may become a nightmare.


Charles Rotblut from IL posted over 3 years ago:

Investment News has a recent update on what is happening with money market reform:

John from Kentucky posted over 3 years ago:

Banking and investment companies were and are highly regulated companies. It was the regulators that made the decision to save Bear Sterns and let Lehman Brothers collapse triggering the liquidity crisis.

One money market fund broke the "buck" and now we need more rules from the same people who triggered the crisis?

Charles Rotblut from IL posted over 3 years ago:

An addendum: After this article was published, the SEC published new rules regarding money market funds. These rules were discussed in the Investor Update email.


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