Harry Mc Roberts from PA posted about 1 year ago:

How about Roth IRAs?

Mark Weber from MO posted about 1 year ago:

So, with about half of my portfolio in an IRA, and half in a taxable account, the basic message is fixed income in the IRA, & equities in the taxable. I have to decide how to allocate let's say a 50-50 portfolio. Does this suggest the the vast portion of equities goes in the taxable, and the fixed in the IRA? I am in the middle of studying how my wealth manager (who I just fired) was allocating between the two accounts. There are more subtle differences than this approach would suggest in the allocation they had me in.
I am also having difficulty identifying a replacement for the Dimensional Funds Tax Managed equity fund which is available to institutional investors only(such as my previous wealth manager) as I access funds available to individual investors. Timely article. I just started this piece of my strategy development by looking at what they had done & trying to decide the implications for how to approach asset allocation of the two funds.

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