Dario from TX posted over 7 years ago:


Paul from WA posted over 7 years ago:

The only axiom that I can have some disagreement with is #7. While I do agree that market timing with mutual funds is not wise, I think that it makes zero sense to seek long gains with individual stocks in a down trending market. Bargain hunting and catching a falling knife are catch phrases, but they have some value. Buying near the bottom is a good thing when you catch the bottom....and I often wish I would have backed up the truck at bottoms, but hindsight is a powerful, but somewhat painful tool. So I guess this axiom could be tempered a bit...modified to apply to fund purchasers, perhaps?

James from FL posted over 7 years ago:

what is the best way to withraw? Anybody know how good TIAA?CREF is and their annuity is good or bad.

aku from OH posted over 5 years ago:

Axiom 5 is what I have an issue with. Like peter lynch said - "Diworsify"
If you do you research properly then at any given time one should not have more than 10 stocks in the portfolio.
Its people who do not understand investing have lot of stocks on the name of diversification.

Bruce Bohannon from IL posted over 2 years ago:

Perhaps as an addendum to axiom 10 (and response to the question of how to withdraw) is a focus on tax bracket arbitrage. If you find yourself in a lower tax bracket than usual or expected long them - it can make substantial sense to fill the lowest brackets with funds that have been in a deferred account. Most do not want to find themselves as long term savers to turn and pay the Highest Marginal Tax Rates because of RMD's. Hope this helps.

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