Shadow Stock Portfolio Rewards Investors Who Stayed in Stocks

by James B. Cloonan

Shadow Stock Portfolio Rewards Investors Who Stayed In Stocks Splash image

Well, we finally made it! As of the end of February the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio is 7% above its pre-crash (June 2007) high.

It is scary to see a portfolio drop 60% and difficult to stay the course and not sell. Many investors reduced their equity holdings (beyond the reduction supplied by the market) near the March 2009 low, and I know several individuals who closed out of equities completely a bit before the low.

Ideally, we all should have rebalanced and added equities through the bad time. Congratulations to any of you who had the discipline to do this. I didn’t in my personal portfolio and, in fact, while I kept my equity holdings, I did switch a bit into safer, dividend-paying holdings. Consequently, I am not quite back to even.

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James B. Cloonan is founder and chairman of AAII.


Gareth from Florida posted over 3 years ago:

Would be interesting to compare returns over time of Investors Business Daily CAN SLIM Select stocks (let's say those with a composite rating of 80 or higher and an Accumulation/Distribution rating of B or higher) with AAII's Shadow Stock portfolio. For IBD's list "group relative strength" could be added to criteria to further refine the list. At the moment I am using IBD and AAII as my "investment advisors". Subscriptions to both (even assuming a lifetime membership to AAII) are a much better deal than shelling out 0.8% to 1.6% of assets under management to a financial advisor (most of whom underperform the market).

Charles Rotblut from Illinois posted over 3 years ago:


The Shadow Stock Portfolio and the CAN SLIM are two different strategies, and a direct comparison would not be one that is apples-to-apples. With that caveat stated, if you wanted to compare the results, there are two pages on that will give numbers to use.

The first is from our Stock Screens section. We have to CAN SLIM screening strategies and their results, along the with the results for all of our other screens, can be found at:

The second is the performance of the Shadow Stock portfolio itself. This page is located at:

I hope this helps,

Tony from Massachusetts posted over 2 years ago:

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