James B. Cloonan is founder and chairman of AAII. He is author of the book "Investing at Level3: Higher Returns With Minimal Risk for the Long-Term Individual Investor".


James from CA posted over 7 years ago:

I'm new to the web site. Suggest you add a column, Date and price of entry to your portfolio.

Stephen from CA posted over 7 years ago:

That's an excellent proposal. It would also have an indirect bearing on the important question of spreads and how to minimize them. For the individual investor, some solid information about this topic would rival in value anything AAII has ever presented.

Robert from GA posted over 7 years ago:

Agreed: would like to see entry date & price, along with %profit for each component stock.

Stephen from PA posted over 7 years ago:

IS there a min entry purchase for each pick? Being new to the site and not knowing the holdings of each makes it difficult to make realistic picks. I'm trying to setup my childrens 529 and have admired the sites portfolio criteria. Just looking for a little direction. thanks!

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