John Deysher is president and portfolio manager of the Pinnacle Value Fund, a diversified, SEC-registered mutual fund specializing in the securities of small and micro-cap firms. He is a CFA charterholder and has managed equity portfolios for over 25 years. He lives and works in New York City and may be reached at


Robert from Wisconsin posted over 2 years ago:

In the past IPO's seem to have been distributed to favored customers rather than open to any investor. Is that an accurate account or just my experience with ny brokers/

Steve from Illinois posted over 2 years ago:

I have heard that is an accurate account.
But I believe there are many variables involved.

Harold from North Carolina posted over 2 years ago:

My understanding is that one has to already have a maximum value of assets before being allowed to participate in an IPO.

Ken from New Mexico posted over 2 years ago:

I use TD Ameritrade. (I'm not endorsing this or any brokerage.) It appears to have a link for purchase of IPOs but I haven't used it. Other on-line brokerages may offer a similar service. I'd check with your brokerage.

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