Julie Jason directs the money management practice of Jackson, Grant Investment Advisers, Inc. of Stamford, CT. She is the author of “Managing Retirement Wealth: An Expert Guide to Personal Portfolio Management in Good Times and Bad,” (Sterling, 2011).


Peter Holub from NJ posted over 3 years ago:

why does aall,not have a department where I can turn over my retirement account.and have aall make the investments .I have a financial advisor. but the account keeps going down.

Charles Rotblut from IL posted over 3 years ago:


AAII is a nonprofit organization. We are not licensed to manage money on members' behalf.


Robert Lightsey from VA posted 5 months ago:

Having read Jim Cloonan's book on Investing at Level 3, I will just make the point that volatility tends to be a better measure of risk for the short term trader than it is for the long term investor. If you are in for long term, then how the price varies during any single year is of passing interest only. Cloonan would probably agree that we tend to use volatility mostly because it is something we can actually measure. He would certainly agree that risk is very difficult to measure accurately, but it is not terribly difficult to avoid. He would advise limiting the use of leverage, holding a moderately diversified portfolio, and then spreading large sum investments over a reasonable time period to avoid having bought at the top of a market - risk avoidance, rather than risk measurement.

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