Kelvin from Ohio posted over 2 years ago:

Outstanding! Very enlightening!

Jayantilal Patel from Pennsylvania posted 10 months ago:


Barb & Doug Burtwell from Washington posted 10 months ago:

And I thought it was just Greed and Fear.

Jeffry Deegan from Rhode Island posted 10 months ago:

I agree with Jayantilal Patel from Pennsylvania;
let's see this this info on the AAII home page

Joseph Yurso from Virginia posted 10 months ago:

This is a great source of information. There should be a methodology that is easy to retrieve this information and websites. As I access thsse sites I will to my favorites.

Ray Beall from Texas posted 10 months ago:

Home page great idea---

Sheryl Parks from Nevada posted 10 months ago:

Awesome info, very informative.

Melvin Moore from Virginia posted 10 months ago:

Does someone know how to put this information into a screen so as to tell us when to buy or sell? Great data, but the trick is to be able to use it.

Michael Mckeown from Florida posted 10 months ago:

I agree with Melvin. This data needs to be presented in a matter that macro decisions can be made. I'm sure the summary data will only give you the buy/sell for a sector, not a stock/fund.

John L from North Carolina posted 9 months ago:

I agree, great idea, this should be tracked on the home page as key indicators for the economy and investing

Norman Koerner from Illinois posted 9 months ago:

I also would like to see this information on the home page, if the data only gives buy/sell for sectors, Great!
I'll take it from there.
All help is appreciated.

Charles Rotblut from Illinois posted 9 months ago:

I would suggest those of you who want a condensed, updated snapshot of economic data sign up for Econoday's weekly email. It's concise, well written and free:


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