! The Top Mutual Funds Over Five Years: Credit the Bull and the Calendar
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Fred Evans from OH posted over 3 years ago:

Several good points in this article may suggest the need for short term, new performance metric. What do you think about publishing the average of the 5 yr performance and the 6 year performance. This mutes the effect of sudden drop in return that may actually reward funds that did a exceptionally bad job in the year prior to the 5 yr period. It may also provide a more relevant metric than the 10 yr average return.

T Bishop from CT posted over 3 years ago:

I triued to buy some PRIMECAP Odyssey Agg Gr (POAGX) a couple days ago and it was closed to new investors. SO I'd put a c in front tof that before anybody else reads this and gets their hopes up. Perhaps this happened since year end. THis might be a good reason to get asome $ into any funds you like before they close. And if they do well they will attract attention and close.

John Mac Dougall from Florida posted over 3 years ago:

I have heard a tax advisory gentleman speak about the disadvantage(s)of owning mutual funds. His recommendation is do not own them.

Alfred Hess from NC posted over 3 years ago:

Why can't tables 2 & 3 download to my computer running Windows-7?? Al

Ken Gnaster from IL posted over 3 years ago:

how do you activate cookies on a laptop

Charles Rotblut from IL posted over 3 years ago:


This page in the AAII.com FAQ gives guidance on cookies.


Suzanne Benton from CT posted over 3 years ago:

The list scrolls down to fast - can't read it properly - needs adjusting.

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