Tracking Company Webcasts

    by Cara Scatizzi

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    The Internet has given investors numerous resources for security research. More and more companies are offering webcasts—on-line broadcasts—of shareholder meetings, quarterly and annual earnings releases, company announcements, press releases and much more. The advantage to investors is the added benefit of transparency—having access to upper level management’s concerns, forecasts and opinions allows investors to get a clearer picture of where the company may be headed.

    A handful of Web sites organize all of these conference calls, broadcasts and media resources in easy-to-navigate sites. Key features from sites of this kind include a calendar with upcoming, live and archived events; the ability to monitor specific companies; and E-mail alerts. Some sites have video capabilities, multiple media player choices and search engines to easily locate the event you are looking for. All but one site mentioned here offers the services for free. acts like a TV Guide for conference call webcasts. A list of upcoming calls on the homepage details the company name, ticker, date and time of the call, whether or not it is live or a replay, and the type of call. Also on the home page is a list of recent archived calls with any relevant data and a link to listen.

    Only CallTracker subscribers have access to the calls. The calls are played via RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. You can also purchase transcripts of the calls for $49 each. Non-subscribers can search the site for calls via ticker symbol or company name. Archived and upcoming calls are organized with links to each call.

    A subscription to CallTracker costs $49.95 per year. is powered by Thomson StreetEvents, a division of Thomson Financial. The site’s Events Calendar lists webcasts, earnings releases, conference calls, stock splits, IPOs, dividends and economic events. Each day, a short list of highlighted events is shown for each category.

    You can search the site by date, then event type or by company name. Each list is in alphabetical order by company name with related data displayed. Webcast lists show the ticker symbol and company name, event title, the time of the release, a link to listen to the webcast and a link to download a PDF file that contains a transcript and a brief of the webcast. Each transcript or brief costs $49. To purchase both, you pay $79. Transcripts and briefs are not available for all webcasts.

    All webcasts are provided for free and are played via a media player through the site. Clicking on the company name links you to a list of upcoming and archived events for that company. The site also offers a list of upcoming and archived earnings releases with estimates, actual earnings and comparison numbers. Stock splits and dividend payments are also tracked and archived on the site.

    Investor Calendar
    Investor Calendar is powered by Vcall, a webcaster of official investor relations events. The site offers free access to live and archived corporate communications including earnings conference calls, analyst conference calls, shareholder meetings, merger announcements, industry forums, IPO roadshows, press conferences and product announcements.

    The site’s homepage organizes webcasts by date, then time.

    The “Calendar” section of the site lists upcoming calls for the day, week or month, based on your preference. Clicking on a company name will link to the call information. The date and time of the upcoming or archived call is listed and there is a link to listen via Windows Media Player or Real Audio. You can also read any press releases regarding the call, if available. In addition, a short company summary is provided along with a link to recent earnings data including estimates, actual earnings and comparison numbers.

    Investor Calendar can alert you via E-mail about upcoming calls for specified companies. Select calls and webcasts are made available through podcasts and file downloads for on-demand playback. Once a podcast is downloaded you can listen to it via various media players, many of which are free, and you can add it to your portable media player.


→ Cara Scatizzi