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Brian Peery is a co-portfolio manager for Hennessy Funds and co-manages the Focus 30 Fund (HFTFX).


Ralph Rice from NJ posted over 5 years ago:

Appears that the individual investor can not purchase a stock and is to leave it to experts.???

James Grant from OH posted over 5 years ago:

Mr. Peery’s second sentence is, “Our whole goal is to design model portfolios that will outperform the relative benchmark.”

Now, does this mean that if I were to invest my money in his fund and the “relative benchmark” dropped 25% and my funds dropped only 20%, I should be happy?

Aleksander Beljavskij from IL posted over 5 years ago:

to Ralf Rice
1)the individual investor has not to report her/his performance exactly on the 1 of January
2)he/she may adopt Short positions as well as a Long one.
3)he/she may use options and single stock futures both long and short to enhance performance.
And finally and most important,the individual investor should get fan of investing and education.Otherwise he/she have to leave it to experts.

Scott Wachsler from TX posted over 5 years ago:

Interesting article. What I find so incredible about the article is the funds performance vs the expense ratio.

It seems to me the longer you hold the fund the worse your performance becomes. Sort of a buy high and sell low attitude.

While I have not owned a mutual fund for almost 30 years, it seems obvious to me that Mr. Peery and the Hennessy Fund need a new stock screener, something an expense ratio of 1.36% should be able to cover without a second thought.


Rod Baldwin from CA posted over 4 years ago:

Fund is beaten by MDY Mid Cap

RAted 3 Stars by Morningstar.

Nice People. Ho Hum Fund

"Loose it ! "

Vernon Roberts from FL posted over 4 years ago:

I have no idea how you delete a message (comment) on here, but Mr. Haynes or someone needs to delete his membership number off the public forum. :-)

I enjoyed the article - several of the selection criteria for the fund agree with several other relative strength and performance research reports I have read.

Louis Lasday from FL posted over 3 years ago:

names...names...names. the theory is fine but in your"brag" bags of theory, be a little specific. everybody has an opinion but give me you top three ideas or don't waste my time. LL..FL

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