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Walter from TX posted over 7 years ago:

A nice and informative article. It brings practicality to a confusing investment arena. I have been debating how to get some commodity representation into my portfolio and now have a practical method of initiating it.

Richard from OH posted over 7 years ago:

I concur with Walter. A half dozen commodity producer ETFs or a link to them would have been helpful to the interested, uninitiated reader.

James from SC posted over 7 years ago:

The article is not esp. helpful since, as mentioned by others, it does not provide info on which ETFs would be most appropriate. There are dozens of commodity ETFs, but which would be the best that actually buy companies rather than futures? Article is a bit cute rather than down to earth.

Lary from CO posted over 7 years ago:

The key to most successful commodities investing involves the use of ETF's. The article was sorely lacking in not discussing the available commodity ETF's, their components and performance.

Andrew from FL posted over 6 years ago:

This is an informative article to say the least. But I would like to finish the book mentioned!

Warren from TN posted over 6 years ago:

Give me a stock or ETF you would recommend.


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R Vasavada from OR posted over 4 years ago:

Excellent article! I wish one of Schwab experts would pick up on it and talk about specific commodities and their producers. Fllow up with some examples of actual investing in them.

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