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    Corporate announcements can have a dramatic impact on a stock’s price, with positive announcements providing significant price boosts and negative news causing the price to fall. Frequent company announcements include earnings releases, stock splits, dividends, share buyback programs, and insider trading.

    Investors holding or tracking a particular stock obviously want to keep track of announcements that can affect the stock price. How can you keep track of these events? Below is a list of Web sites offering a range of data on corporate announcements and events.

    Includes data on corporate actions and announcements. The site offers upgrade/downgrade, split and earnings calendars. The stock split calendar lists splits for the upcoming six months and shows the split factor, date payable, the ex-date (the date that the stock price is scheduled to adjust on the exchange) and the announcement date. The earnings calendar shows earnings announcements from the previous day, current day, current week and upcoming weeks. This site is free.

    Online Investor
    Data on stock splits, analyst actions, earnings, mergers, buybacks and more. A split calendar lists the company name and ticker, the split factor, announcement date, record date and the pay date. A current list of analyst upgrades and downgrades is updated throughout the day. Unique to this site is a list of mergers and acquisitions announced each day for the last three months. You can see the companies involved in the proposal as well as the deal terms. A buyback chart lists currently announced share buyback programs and includes the company name and ticker as well as the amount of the entire purchase program and additional terms of the deal. This site is free.

    Find free earnings, stock split and conference call calendars in the “Tools & Research” section. The stock split calendar lists upcoming splits organized by split date. In the earnings calendar, upcoming earnings releases are grouped by date and then listed in alphabetical order. The conference call calendar lists the day’s conference calls ordered by time and gives a short description of what can be expected from the call. The site also provides a daily list of upgraded and downgraded stocks. MarketWatch also allows members to create free portfolios and sign up forE-mail alerts using keywords including stock split, conference call, earnings release, share buyback, insider trading and more to receive updates when a company in your portfolio announces a corporate action. This site is free.

    E-mail alerts about stock splits. The site charges $97 per month for its flagship newsletter, which focuses on predictions of potential splits prior to announcement. However, you can register to receive an E-mail when significant companies announce a split and to receive the weekend version of the Stock Split Report; both options are free.

    Yahoo! Finance
    Includes pages dedicated to earnings announcements and stock splits. A list of links to various corporate events is found under the Today’s Events heading in the Investing area. You can see a list of upcoming earnings releases, conference calls, economic data releases, initial public offerings, stock splits and upgrades and downgrades. The earnings table lists the estimate, time of announcement and a link to listen to the conference call. Members of Yahoo! can also add releases to their calendars to be reminded of upcoming events. The split calendar shows the payable date, ex-date, the split factor and announcement date. This site is free.


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