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    Want up-to-the-minute access to stock market information even when you are away from your computer? Many investors are now turning to their Web-enabled mobile devices—such as a BlackBerry, cell phone or PDA—to access the latest price data on the go.

    Typically, a Web site will offer a “mobile” version of their site that is meant to be accessed via a phone or handheld Web-enabled device. These sites can be viewed on a PC, but are stark and uncluttered for better interface with your mobile device.

    Below is a listing of a number of sites designed specifically for access via a mobile device, along with the Web address for accessing the site remotely. All of the sites listed below are free; some offer delayed data while others provide streaming real-time data.

    Mobile-based sites typically are designed to work well with a BlackBerry or iPhone. Although you should be able to access most of these sites with any Web-enabled cell phone or PDA, the site interaction may not be as good. In addition, each cell phone and service provider will offer varying capabilities.

    CNNMoney.com Mobile


    CNNMoney.com, probably better known for its magazine publications and TV stations, offers a comprehensive Web site with a fair amount of market data and analysis tools. CNNMoney.com Mobile is free. In addition to current news headlines, you can look up stock data by ticker symbol. Data includes price, previous close, volume, high and low prices, and price-earnings ratio.

    Fidelity Anywhere


    While some brokerage firms offer a Web-enabled quote service for customers, Fidelity offers free stock quotes from Fidelity Anywhere for non-customers as well. You can search for stocks by ticker symbol. Data includes bid, ask, current, high, low and close prices; valuation ratios; customizable volume charts; and news links. You can also create watchlists, see lists of the most-active stocks, get general market information and browse potential mutual fund investments.

    Quote.com Mobile


    Quote.com is a free Web site for financial quotes, news and analysis. Its mobile Quotes are also free, with access to delayed quotes and news covering over 50 stock exchanges. Market coverage also includes the Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Euronext and more. Mobile Quote.com also allows users to create five watchlists with 10 symbols in each. You can also see intraday price and volume charts. Data on each security includes open, high, low and close prices; volume; and percent and dollar change. A Market Update provides a quick look at seven popular market index measures including the S&P 500, Dow Jones industrial average and the 10-year Treasury note. Data on foreign exchange markets, currencies and futures is also available.

    NASDAQ Mobile Quotes


    The NASDAQ stock market allows users to access free, basic quote information for stocks and indexes. Data includes price, percent change, bid and ask price, high and low price, share volume, previous close, market value and shares outstanding. Data is delayed by about 15 minutes.

    Yahoo! Mobile


    Yahoo! is known for its comprehensive financial data—including data on stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and more. To access Yahoo! Mobile you must have a Yahoo! ID. Mobile users can also access Yahoo! Mail, Flickr (a photo sharing site), and Messenger remotely. The Yahoo! Finance area allows you to search for company information via ticker symbol or company name. Data includes delayed price data and links to recent news stories. You can’t use your mobile device to update your portfolio with buys and sells or check out a portfolio’s overall performance, but you can see the current price and the dollar change since yesterday’s close for each holding. Finally, a market summary provides current values and the day’s dollar change for popular indexes and Treasury bonds. All price data is delayed 20 minutes. Access to Yahoo! Mobile is free; detailed FAQs and set-up instructions at http://mobile.yahoo.com/finance.


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