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    The Internet is a great place to find information on initial public offerings (IPOs). Generally, the sites below provide some combination of IPO descriptions, SEC filings, pricings, withdrawals, calendars, best/worst returns, quiet and lock-up periods and news. Some sites offer detailed information on the offerings as well as follow-up data on how the stock performed after the first day of trading. All of the sites below provide at least some information for free.

    123Jump IPO Center


    123Jump?s IPO Center gives upcoming offerings for the week that include company name, ticker symbol, underwriting company, size and price range of the future offering. Each upcoming IPO is given a sentiment value on a scale of one to five, ranging from a stock to avoid to a ?hot? buy.

    Below the list of upcoming offerings, users can view the latest IPO pricings. Clicking on a stock accesses a report that gives details on the IPO, including selected financial statement data, a company summary and a business environment analysis. Companies that have either withdrawn or postponed offerings and those that have recently filed reports with the SEC are listed with relevant data. Calendars show historical monthly and annual pricings dating back to 2000.

    Access to the site is free.

    Edgar Online IPO


    This commercial site is organized into seven main sections. The Calendar section shows upcoming IPOs by month in a chart detailing the expected offer date, number of shares to be offered and price per share. Users will find a list of recent IPOs, sorted by month, under the Pricings heading. Lists of companies that have recently filed or withdrawn their offering are listed with relevant data.

    Companies in the lock-up period and the quiet period are sorted by month. A search section allows users to find IPOs meeting certain criteria such as number of shares offered, deal size, and quiet and lock-up period expirations.

    Basic access to this site is free. A subscription costs $100 per month, with access to more detailed information.

    Hoover's IPO Central


    Hoovers Online offers free IPO data through their IPO Central section [click on the Site Map at the bottom of the Hoover's home page, and then scroll down to the IPO Central section]. Users can view a list of IPOs on Deck for the week. Under the IPO Filings heading, companies that are planning an IPO and have filed with the SEC during the current quarter are shown. Lists of companies that have filed with the SEC within the most recent five quarters but have not started trading yet are provided as well.

    An IPO Calendar shows the IPOs on Deck in more detail. Follow-up data on companies that have finished an IPO can be found in the IPO Performance section. Users can search for specific companies by month (for the last six months), or by quarter (for the last six quarters).

    The site is free to join; for access to more detailed information, subscriptions start at $600 per year.

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    IPO Home


    Calendars show upcoming IPOs, latest filings, recently withdrawn or postponed offerings and secondary offerings. Marketwatch section also includes listings of: hot and cold IPOs, IPO spin-offs in the last 12 months, secondary IPOs, and foreign IPOs. Pricing information for the past 12 months and a list of companies that offered their shares at a discounted price can be found under the Pricings heading. There is also a calendar showing companies in the midst of the quiet period.

    A research center offers detailed company reports and valuation comparisons with similar publicly traded companies. Reports are $60 each.

    Full access to the site requires free registration.

    IPO Monitor


    IPO Monitor is a subscription-based site that offers basic information for free. Free content includes IPO filings, secondary offerings and pricings for the past week, a year-end review of the IPO market for the past four years, and the ability to search for a company by name, ticker symbol or SIC code.

    Subscriptions cost $29 per month or $290 per year.

    Yahoo! IPOs


    Yahoo!Finance devotes one page of its site to IPOs. Users can view lists of recent pricings, filings and withdrawals along with detailed IPO information on each company. Links to the latest IPO news from Reuters and links to relevant Web sites can also be found. Users can search for specific IPO filings by company name or industry.

    Access to this site is free.





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