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    You can get up-to-date market and trading information on exchange-traded funds and notes from several comprehensive financial websites, as well as the websites of the ETF marketers and sponsors. Prospectuses and other fund reports can be downloaded from the individual ETF or ETN sponsor websites. These sites also typically contain useful information on how well the fund has historically tracked its underlying index.

    Additional information is available at the exchange sites: NASDAQ (www.nasdaq.com) and NYSE Arca (www.nyse.com).



    The Morningstar website features articles, commentaries and educational tools. The ETF screener allows you to filter based on category, performance, holdings, risk and more. Some criteria are available to Premium subscribers only. Results are displayed in a table and can be ranked. ETF data includes performance statistics, category and index comparisons, risk measures, fees and expenses, and portfolio composition. Premium subscribers get added commentaries and articles, a cost analyzer and an ETF Quickrank tool that places a fair value estimate on ETFs and ranks them by category.


    SmartMoney.com’s ETF section offers current news and commentary. All ETF tools are free, Java-based and highly interactive. The ETF Tracker shows all ETFs tracked by the site in one table with price and volume data. Data presented includes historical performance, volume, price, risk measures, top holdings, charts and news. The ETF Screener results can be sorted. An ETF Compare tool allows for side-by-side analysis, and you can track price movements over a broad set of indexes with the ETF Map.

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