Eric R. Heyman is senior vice president, director of research and co-portfolio manager of the Olstein All Cap Value and the Olstein Strategic Opportunities funds.


Roger from FL posted over 5 years ago:

Surely, reading & analysis of annual reports, SEC filings,letters, etc. are necessary for OCM and similar investment advisory companies.
But I argue that this reading and analysis is neither necessary nor appropraite to the "normal" individual investor.
They should listen to what the market is telling them about both the overall market and individual stocks, rather than reading reports, which are just "promises" about performance.
For the market, look at the indexes price, volume, and moving averages - 50 & 200 day.
Losses (gains) with higer than average volume often indicate selling (buying) by institutions etc., which drive the markets.
For stocks, look at short & long term earnings, price & volume, relative price and moving averages, among other things. (Indicators such as P/E are often unimportant.) By watching price, volume and averages you are listening to the market.

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