Where to Get Investment Information on Emerging Markets

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    Morgan Stanley Capital International

    In the Equity Indices section. Provides current daily, monthly, quarterly and year-to-date performance information on the MSCI emerging markets stock indexes, including the overall Emerging Markets Index, several regional indexes (including the Far East and Latin America), and the indexes of individual emerging market countries. Performance is reported both in local currency and U.S. dollar returns.

    Yahoo! Finance

    In the International Finance Indices area. Provides daily level, changes from previous day and 52-week range for individual emerging market country indexes, as well as historical charts and index components.

    Bank of New York

    In the ADR Index section. Provides The Bank of New York’s ADR Index, which tracks all American depositary receipts. In addition to the composite index, there are three regional ADR indexes (Europe, Asia and Latin America), an emerging market ADR index, as well as several select and individual emerging market country ADR indexes.


    World Federation of Exchanges

    The federation of major stock exchanges worldwide. Provides summary information on all member exchanges, including types of securities traded, trading system, hours, supervisory bodies, clearing and settlement organizations, settlement cycle, and taxes on transactions as well as securities (dividends, interest and capital gains). This site also provides links to the individual market exchanges.

    Major Exchanges
    Most of these exchanges have English-version Web sites, as well as information on the exchange’s country indexes.

    Argentina (Merval): www.merval.sba.com.ar
    Brazil (Bovespa): www.bovespa.com.br
    Chile (Santiago St Ex): www.bolsadesantiago.com
    China (Shanghai St Ex): www.sse.com.cn
    China (Shenzhen St Ex): www.szse.cn
    Columbia (Columbia St Ex): www.bvc.com.co
    Czech Republic (Slovenian St Ex): www.ljse.si
    Egypt (Cairo and Alexandria St Ex): www.egyptse.com
    India (Nat’l St Ex of India): www.nseindia.com
    Indonesia (Jakarta St Ex): www.jsx.co.id
    Israel (Tel-Aviv St Ex): www.tase.co.il
    Jordan (Amman St Ex): www.ammanstockex.com
    Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur St Ex): www.klse.com.my
    Mexico (Mexico St Ex): www.bmv.com.mx
    Morocco (Bourse de CasaBlanca): www.casablanca-bourse.com
    Pakistan (Karachi St Ex): www.kse.com.pk
    Peru (Lima St Ex): www.bvl.com.pe
    Philippines (Philippine St Ex): www.pse.org.ph
    Poland (Warsaw St Ex): www.wse.com.pl
    Russia (RTS St Ex): www.rts.ru
    South Africa (Johannesburg St Ex): www.jse.co.za
    South Korea (Korea St Ex): www.kse.or.kr/webeng/index.jsp
    Taiwan (Taiwan St Ex): www.tse.com.tw
    Thailand (Thailand St Ex): www.set.or.th
    Turkey (Istanbul St Ex): www.ise.org
    Venezuela (Caracas St Ex): www.caracasstock.com

    Emerging Markets Facts and News

    CIA World Fact Book

    This is a link to the U.S. government’s Central Intelligence Agency annual publication that reports data on every government, country, and territory in the world. Each country’s page includes a brief description of the country, including transnational issues, and a review of its economy.


    This site provides reliable, relevant business, political and economic information on all the world’s 228 countries and territories. Also includes up-to-date currency information, and a currency converter. Includes a Key Indicators chart on each country that has yearly data for the last five years on economic indicators such as GDP, inflation, unemployment, imports and exports, etc.

    Yahoo! Finance

    The International Finance area includes a currency converter, international news stories, and up-to-date reports from the major world exchanges. Links to Web sites run by each country’s major exchanges are also available.