William Foster from WA posted over 4 years ago:

I am newly retired. I have sufficient. I believe that I should be able to make it through the nest 30 years okay as long as inflation remains moderate. All bets are off if the nation goes into hyperinflation. Of course Then all fixed income and really all people would be in dire straits. To mitigate this; I have invested a small percentage of my funds in gold and silver held in my possession.Further my home has been paid for for several years before I retired; and I have no debt.

Erick Jones from AL posted over 4 years ago:

As a 41 year old, My worry for my generation is a good news bad news issue. I suspect medical advances will push our average life span significantly higher than current predictions. Good news. We aren't saving enough for even a normal retirement lifespan. Bad news.
If I could by an annuity today that kicked in 30 years from now, I'd love to. However, any financial services firm that offered it to me, I'd question their longevity.
My advice to everyone I know, save so much more than you think you'll need. Things like iPads....were current retires saving for such items 20 years ago? Then I ask, what should we be saving for today that hasn't even been dreamed of yet?

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