Larry Johnson from MN posted about 1 year ago:

If I buy a bond and hold it to maturity (5 years or less) will I not receive both initial principal plus the interest?

Earl Manley from NC posted about 1 year ago:

When you invest in an individual bond and hold it to "maturity," you won't lose your principal unless the bond issuer defaults.

Sheldon Shapiro from PA posted 11 months ago:

What's the potential downside of Bulletshares BSJF ETF, with all holdings maturing by end of year 2015. Investments are high yield with short maturity. Fund holding 128 positions should minimize problem with any defaults.

Charles Rotblut from IL posted 11 months ago:


The answer depends on how much interest rates and credit spreads change between now and the time the fund's bonds mature.


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