Best of the AAII Journal

My favorite articles are listed below. In hand-picking the commentaries for this list, I sought out a mix of articles that covered various aspects of investing strategies and portfolio management.

Beginning Investor »

Choosing Between Bonds and Bond Funds

Deciding whether to invest directly in individual bonds or to use bond funds involves considering many factors, including the desire for simplicity or a predictable return.


Bonds »

Should You Maintain an Allocation to Bonds When Current Rates Are Low?

Historical data shows an advantage to keeping bonds in a diversified portfolio even when interest rates rise sharply.


Financial Planning »

Five Steps for Gaining Control of Your Investments and Avoiding Mistakes

Simple actions you can take now to focus on the things you can control and avoid making common investment mistakes.



Analyzing Growth Rates

Growth can bring more money into a company and drive the stock price higher. Find out how to calculate and analyze growth rates.



New Edge Stocks

Ten stocks with fundamental factors exhibited by typical market winners.


Mutual Funds & Exchange-Traded Funds »

The Top Mutual Funds Over Five Years: The Bear’s Claw Marks Remain

The losses of the last bear market were so severe, they continue to impact the five-year annualized rates of returns for stock funds.


Portfolio Strategies »

Portfolio Rebalancing: Observations From 25 Years of Data

Using a rebalancing strategy over the past 25 years would have boosted returns, lowered volatility and kept the balance in one asset class from being drained.


Stock Screens »

2012 Year-End Screens Review: Investors Caught in Political Cliffhanger

More than 50 of the 64 screens tracked on posted positive returns last year, led by the value-oriented Piotroski: High F-Score screen.


Stock Strategies »

Using Seasonal and Cyclical Stock Market Patterns

Presidential terms, the calendar month and a basket of January indicators give insight into market direction.