Beginning Investor Articles

The Many Ways to Place a Buy or Sell Order

October 2014 by Jaclyn McClellan
Whether you instruct your broker to go long or short, use a market or limit order, or employ a stop all impacts how your orders are filled. Read more »

The Tax Consequences of Investing

July 2014 by Charles Rotblut
Some investment actions cost you money; others reduce out-of-pocket expenditures. Read more »

Determining How Much to Allocate to Each Investment

January 2014 by Charles Rotblut
Allocate by the percentage of portfolio dollars, not by the number of shares. Read more »

Debunking Stock Investing Myths

September 2013 by Charles Rotblut
Avoiding these seven myths can make a substantial difference in your wealth. Read more »

Choosing Between Bonds and Bond Funds

December 2012 by Charles Rotblut
Deciding whether to invest directly in individual bonds or to use bond funds involves considering many factors, including the desire for simplicity or a predictable return. Read more »

Setting Up and Managing Your 401(k)

October 2012 by Charles Rotblut
Basic guidelines and strategies for setting up and effectively managing your 401(k) retirement plan. Read more »

Managing Your Portfolio in Difficult Markets

January 2012 by Charles Rotblut
Strategies to keep you focused on the long term in the face of tough market conditions. Read more »

What to Watch in Your Portfolio

October 2011 by Charles Rotblut
Developments that impact the long-term attractiveness of an investment are more important to monitor than merely performance alone. Read more »

How Much Is Needed to Start Investing?

June 2011 by Charles Rotblut
Commissions, fees and taxes can influence what your first investments should be. Read more »

Brokerage Accounts: Where to Open One?

April 2011 by Charles Rotblut
Determine what services you will need before choosing a brokerage firm. Read more »

Active Versus Passive: Which Do You Choose?

December 2010 by Charles Rotblut
Active management provides more control, but passive management reduces expenses. Read more »

Investment Vehicle Attributes

September 2010 by Charles Rotblut
Learn the characteristics of the most commonly used investment vehicles. Read more »

Asset Classes Defined

July 2010 by Charles Rotblut
The unique characteristics of each asset class lower risk when combined in a portfolio. Read more »

The Benefits of Modern Portfolio Theory

June 2010 by Charles Rotblut
It is possible to both lower risk and generate higher returns at the same time. Read more »

The Basics of Portfolio Allocation

May 2010 by Charles Rotblut
Learn what an asset class is and get some simple allocation strategies. Read more »

Beginning Investor: How to Start

April 2010 by Charles Rotblut
Beginning investors can learn how to take that first step in this new column. Read more »