Financial Analyst Articles

Registration Required: Hedge Fund Rules Tighten

August 2005 by CFA Institute
Beginning February 1, 2006, hedge fund advisors will be required to register with the SEC. A look at what the new rules mean for investors. Read more »

Taking the Spin Out of Earnings Announcements

April 2005 by CFA Institute
The Financial Analyst: Public companies always want to put the best face on their quarterly financial results. But investors should not be distracted by excessive 'spin.' Tips to keep in mind when reviewing earnings announcements. Read more »

The Financial Analyst: The Great Stock Option Debate

January 2005 by CFA Institute
The Financial Analyst: Proper accounting for stock options has challenged accountants for years. New accounting rule changes will standardize the reporting. What investors need to know about the great debate--and what to look for in a financial statement. Read more »