Retirement Planning Articles

Reach Your Retirement Goals By Following 10 Basic Axioms

These principles provide the critical cornerstone for making decisions.

Withdrawing From Your IRA: A Guide to the Basic Distribution Rules

August 2002 by Clark Blackman
Since IRAs are vehicles to encourage saving for retirement, penalty-free regular distributions cannot start until after the account owner turns age 59 1/2. But there are exceptions that allow you to avoid the 10% penalty. Read more »

What You Need to Know to Protect Your Pension Benefits

June 2002 by Lynn O'Shaughnessy
Pension administrators do make mistakes, although most aren't intentional. One culprit is federal laws, which are difficult to understand and constantly changing. The other culprit is plain old human error. Read more »

What You Need to Know About Making Contributions to an IRA

June 2002 by Clark Blackman
There are several types of IRAs, each of which has unique rules pertaining to account contributions and distributions. Understanding the rules will help you decide which one is the best retirement vehicle for you. Read more »

Retirement Savings: Choosing a Withdrawal Rate That Is Sustainable

February 1998 by Carl Hubbard
What's a reasonable withdrawal rate when living off savings? A look at how various withdrawal rates would have fared based on past market returns provides a useful guide. Read more »