Stocks Articles

Developing an Intuitive Feel for the Mechanics of Growth

September 2007
Major investment and planning decisions require judgments concerning growth. But most investors don't understand growth mechanics, particularly over long time periods. How to develop an intuitive feel for growth figures--without using a financial calculator. Read more »

Taking the Spin Out of Earnings Announcements

April 2005
Public companies always want to put the best face on their quarterly financial results. But investors should not be distracted by excessive 'spin.' Tips to keep in mind when reviewing earnings announcements. Read more »

The Proxy Edge: Exercising Your Shareholder Rights

April 2005
Many investors receive the annual proxy statement and simply throw it in the trash. But that is throwing away a vote, and the right to keep management's interest in line with your own. How to get the most out of a proxy statement. Read more »

Your Order Please: A Guide to the Different Ways to Buy and Sell Securities

April 2004
There are many ways to give buy and sell instructions to a broker--and just as many ways to get burned if you mess up. A rundown of the most common orders. Read more »

The Big Picture: How to Decipher What the Market Is Saying

April 2004
A look at some key market indicators that provide a lens into how the market is behaving--and what it is saying right now. Read more »

An Investor's Guide to Corporate Insider Trading Activity

November 2003
Insider buying is much more significant than insider selling. Insiders may sell their shares for a variety of reasons. But typically insiders buy their shares on the open market for one reason--the stock is cheap! Read more »

Four Basic Steps to Gauging a Firm's True Financial Position

October 2003
A basic understanding of a company's "true" financial position can be gleaned by starting with a company's cash flow statement. Four initial steps you can use to analyze a firm's financial statements. Read more »

Shareholder Letter Revelations: Can You Trust the Leadership?

September 2002
The quality of management, particularly the CEO, is an important indicator when evaluating a company. Astute investors will look for evidence of the CEO's qualities in the shareholder letter. Read more »

Evaluating the Performance Claims of Investment Approaches

May 2002
While all honest research helps to shed light on successful approaches, there are weaknesses in research methods that you need to take into account. In some cases, flawed research may be used to intentionally lead you astray. Read more »

What Steps You Should Take When Your Stock's Price Falls

November 2001
There are no simple rules that will tell you when to sell a stock, but an in-depth understanding of what economic, industry, and firm fundamentals drive the price will better equip you for making decisions. Read more »

Investing in Gray Matter: Evaluating a Firm's Human Assets

April 2000
If you want to buy shares in a company that depends primarily on brainpower, you need to make sure that those brains are going to stick around. Read more »