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The Individual Investor’s Guide to Personal Tax Planning 2015

December 2015
Our annual tax and financial planning guide is designed to help you assess your current tax situation and plan for any changes that may improve your tax liability both this year and next. Read more »

Keeping Transactions Clean From the Wash-Sale Rules

December 2014 by Kevin Trout
Stocks are not the only security covered by the wash-sale rule; prudence is also required with bonds, preferred stocks, mutual funds and ETFs. Read more »

The Tax Consequences of Stock Splits, Mergers and Spin-Offs

June 2014 by Claude Y. Paquin
Tracking cost basis becomes complicated when splits, mergers or spin-offs occur. Merck provided a real-life example of how to do it. Read more »

U.S. Fiscal Uncertainty and Your Portfolio

November 2012 by Charles Rotblut
Portfolio actions to consider regardless of whether the pending fiscal cliff occurs or is avoided. Read more »

2010 Tax Guide Update

February 2011 by Charles Rotblut
Since the publication of our 2010 Tax Guide, we have received a few updates and corrections. Read more »

2010 Tax Guide Update

February 2011 by Jean Henrich
Since the publication of our 2010 Tax Guide, we have received a few updates and corrections. Read more »

Year-End Tax Considerations

December 2010 by Charles Rotblut
Five tax issues that individual investors should consider before December 31. Read more »

Investors Get an Extension--And a New Roth IRA Opportunity

July 2006
The Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005 extends some valuable tax breaks for investors. What you need to know. Read more »

Traditional IRAs: The Rules Revisited

September 2005
Traditional IRAs have been around since the early 1980s, and have proven so popular they have spawned a whole new generation of IRAs. But traditional IRAs themselves have evolved, as Congress has fiddled with the rules. A review of the basic rules for traditional IRAs. Read more »

Tracking Basis in Mergers, Splits and Other Corporate Actions

June 2005 by Stevie Conlon
Properly tracking a stock's basis can save you a bundle at tax time, but corporate actions can complicate matters. A look at some of the rules. Read more »

The Alternative Minimum Tax: Coming to a Tax Return Near You

April 2005 by Mark Gaudet
Tax Strategies: More and more individuals are getting hit with an unpleasant surprise at tax time—the alternative minimum tax. Will it affect you? Planning tips to help you to reduce your possible exposure to the AMT. Read more »

8 Years Later, Same Old Questions: Evaluating Roth IRAs

September 2004 by Mark Gaudet
Tax Strategies: It's been eight years since the introduction of the Roth IRA, but many taxpayers are still questioning whether they should contribute or convert to a Roth. A framework to evaluate Roth IRAs. Read more »

College Prep Guide: Planning and Saving for a Child's Higher Education

June 2004 by Mark Gaudet
Tax Strategies: Although inflation has been tamed in most of the economy, education costs are still running wild. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to help collar the beast for your child or grandchild. Read more »

Good News/Bad News: For Dividends, New Tax Law Means Lower Rates But More Headaches

April 2004 by Ellen Boling
Most dividend income is now taxed at more favorable rates, but investors may be surprised at nuances of the new rules. What to watch out for under the Tax Relief Act of 2003. Read more »

The New Tax Act: Planning Opportunities and Pitfalls

September 2003 by Ellen Boling
Individuals with substantial investment income can expect significant tax savings over the next seven years if they take advantage of the planning opportunities. Read more »

The Expanding Reach of the Alternative Minimum Tax

April 2002 by Clark Blackman
Ostensibly created as a means of keeping the rich from living tax-free, the alternative minimum tax is casting an ever-widening net each year as more taxpayers become subject to it. Read more »

Tax-Conscious Funds: For Investors, It's the Leftovers That Count

February 1998 by Albert Fredman
Mutual Funds Column: Most managers downplay tax efficiency because they are rewarded on pretax numbers, but a few exceptions exist--including index funds and special tax-managed funds. Read more »