The Best of the AAII Journal Articles

On-Line Tax Information and Tax Filing Sites

December 2009 by AAII Web Author
The Web provides many resources for getting free tax information, plus there are a number of Web sites that offer free on-line tax preparation services. Read more »

Low P/E Stocks With Positive Earnings Surprises

December 2009 by John Bajkowski
A starting point for investors. This issue's focus is on stocks that have had a significant positive quarterly earnings surprise since September, and that sport a below-average forward price-earnings ratio. Read more »

How to Create Your Own Pension: A Closer Look at Immediate Annuities

November 2009 by Julie Jason
How would you like to have lifelong income even after you retire? That's what it's like to receive a pension. What if you don't have one? One option is to buy a product that will create one for you--an "immediate annuity," which is the oldest product of its kind in the marketplace. Read more »

Value Investing Using the Fundamental Rule of Thumb

September 2009 by Wayne Thorp
Earnings yield, dividend yield, and the ratio of earnings retained to book value are well-known value factors that are often used by value investors. The Fundamental Rule of Thumb approach combines all three, and allows you to calculate a trade-off score that may help uncover stocks meriting further analysis. How to screen using the Fundamental Rule of Thumb approach Read more »

Build America Bonds

September 2009 by Cara Scatizzi
An investor reference for products that are not your typical offering. This issue's focus is on the new Buy America Bonds--taxable bonds that are issued by state and local governments. Read more »

“Stock” Supply Data: Inventory Turnover

September 2009
For stock investors analyzing prospective investments and their own holdings, one important issue concerns how much money a company has tied up in its inventory. How can you judge a company's ability to manage inventory? Two operating performance measures are particularly useful in analyzing how efficiently a firm is managing its "stock." Read more »

Risky Business: How to Pick Winning Property & Casualty Insurer Stocks

August 2009 by John Deysher
Many great fortunes have been built by smart insurance operators. A good example is Berkshire Hathaway, which has interests in several insurers and reinsurers covering a variety of property and casualty risks. At its heart, the P&C insurance business is one of shared risk--and proper pricing of that risk. How to spot opportunities in the risk business. Read more »

Lightening the Financial Load of Life Insurance Products

May 2009 by Peter Katt
Decisions about financial assets come under stress in difficult economic times. A look at four helpful ways of managing life insurance during such periods. Read more »

The Muni Market Turmoil Continues: What's Going on and How to Respond

January 2009 by Annette Thau
There have been a number of very bad years in the municipal bond market. But 2008 is in a league of its own--without any doubt, the worst year ever in the municipal bond market. And the most likely outlook is continued volatility. What lies behind the current declines, and a look at what actions investors may want to consider. Read more »