The Markets Articles

Market Snapshots: Analyzing the Daily Action

October 2004 by Mike Webster
The Markets: To invest successfully, you need to know which way the market is going. And when the market's direction changes, you must change with it. How to analyze the daily actions of the market. Read more »

How to Stay on the Right Side of the Market

July 2004 by Chris Gessel
The Markets: The massive buying power of institutional investors defines bull and bear markets. Once you learn to interpret their buying and selling, you can avoid being on the wrong side of the market. Gauging the market's general direction. Read more »

The Big Picture: How to Decipher What the Market Is Saying

April 2004 by William O'Neil
A look at some key market indicators that provide a lens into how the market is behaving--and what it is saying right now. Read more »

Stocks and the Economic Cycle: What Performs Well--and When

August 2003 by Wayne Thorp
While stocks as a whole move in advance of the economy, specific sectors have different relative performance throughout the economic cycle. Read more »

The Big Picture: How to Determine the Stock Market's Direction

June 2003 by William O'Neil
The CAN SLIM strategy has been a superior performer among the AAII stock screens. But our approach misses one aspect--market direction. William O'Neil himself describes how to gauge the market's direction. Read more »

Telling Curves: What Bond Yields Reveal About the Markets

May 2003 by Wayne Thorp
Studies have shown that the overall pattern of interest rate movements can provide an indication of the direction of future economic activity, as well as the markets themselves. Read more »

A Look at the Big Picture: Measures of Market Breadth

January 2003 by Wayne Thorp
The movement of many stocks is not effectively captured by most major market indexes, so many investors turn to market breadth indicators to gain a feel for the full range of stocks participating in the movement of the market. Read more »

Market Valuation Measures: Does the Fed Model Really Work?

November 2002 by Stephen Wilcox
There's a real danger in placing too much emphasis on the Fed Model when determining your asset allocation, particularly during the current market environment. Read more »