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Dana D'Auria

author Image Dana D'Auria, is the director of research at Symmetry Partners LLC in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Company: Symmetry Partners LLC

Area of Expertise: Investment management

Web Site: www.symmetrypartners.com/

Topics Presented in Speeches: Factor investing, small-cap premium, active vs. passive management, diversification, behavioral finance

Email: ddauria@symmetrypartners.com


Dana M. D’Auria, CFA, is the director of research at Symmetry Partners. She manages Symmetry’s research department, overseeing portfolio engineering, due diligence, security monitoring and analysis of the firm’s portfolios, as well as supporting the efforts of Symmetry’s adviser services group. She is also a member of the firm’s investment committee, which is responsible for setting the firm’s investment policy.

In addition to working on Symmetry’s white papers and research notes, D’Auria regularly delivers educational presentations to Symmetry’s adviser network. Before joining Symmetry, she worked in public relations and as a financial journalist. She joined Symmetry as a research analyst in 2006. Prior to her current position, she served as research manager. D’Auria received her B.A. from Fairfield University in 1999 and her MBA in finance from Fairfield in 2007. She earned the right to hold the CFA designation in 2010. D’Auria was recently published in the Journal of Financial Planning for an article she co-authored with John McDermott, entitled “What Do We (Really) Know About U.S. Small-Cap Investing?”

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