The AAII Journal

August 2002 Issue

Technical Analysis »

Illuminating Trends: An Intro to Japanese Candlestick Charting

In order to draw candlestick charts, you must have open, high, low, and close price data. Without open prices, it is impossible to create true candlestick charts.


Portfolio Manager Interview »

An Interview With Vincent Sellecchia, Portfolio Manager, Delafield Fund

A search for special situations that are inexpensively priced.


Retirement Planning »

Withdrawing From Your IRA: A Guide to the Basic Distribution Rules

Since IRAs are vehicles to encourage saving for retirement, penalty-free regular distributions cannot start until after the account owner turns age 59 1/2. But there are exceptions that allow you to avoid the 10% penalty.


A Matter of Opinion »

Introducing Our New Service: AAII's Stock Superstars Report

The concept is to select stocks that will appreciate more than the market, but with less risk. It goes beyond any single approach by integrating the work of investment superstars into a complete portfolio management system.


Stock Strategies »

How to Take Your Emotions Out of the Sell Decision

When you decide to sell a stock, you are changing your mind about the stock's prospects. But changing one's mind is easier said than done, particularly in the investment world where uncertainty and emotions run high.


Mutual Funds »

Diversification: How to Get Broad Exposure Overseas

thumbnail for Diversification: How to Get Broad Exposure Overseas Overseas markets have become better places to invest as foreign economies move toward a U.S.-style model. In addition, the recently expanded coverage provided by the MSCI EAFE index is good news for foreign index fund investors.


Fundamentals »

EBT, EBIT, EBITDA: Will the Real Earnings Figure Please Stand Up?

All of the various earnings measures have their value, especially when applied consistently across a given industry. But they must still be examined in the context of all three corporate financial statements.