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July 1996 Issue

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Strategies for Married Couples: How to Coordinate Your Plans

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Bad Timing and Long-Term Investing

Investment Research: Good returns can still come out of bad timing decisions if an investor sticks to a long-term buy-and-hold investment program. The earlier an investor is in the market, the better.

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Small Company Stocks

Reference: Where to look for financial information regarding small company stocks.

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An Interview With Harold J. Levy, Portfolio Manager, First Eagle Fund of America

Feature: A value approach that analyzes stock as if buying the business.

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An Expanded Portfolio View Includes Real Estate and Human Capital

Feature: When should your asset allocation differ from the "norm"? An expanded portfolio view can help provide the answer.

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CAN SLIM: A Growth Approach Using Technical and Fundamental Data

Stock Analysis Workshop: William O'Neil's CAN SILM approach to stock selection combines fundamental and technical factors in a search for growth.

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Young Couples: Developing a Coordinated Approach to Savings

Portfolio Strategies Workshop: Conflicts can arise when a couple realizes their separate retirement plans won't lead to a coherent strategy at retirement. Meshing plans into one approach.

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Fixed-income Investing: An Objective Look at High-Yield Bond Funds

Mutual Funds Column: Understanding the factors that affect high-yield bond funds can help you decide if these volatile funds belong in your investment portfolio.

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Pattern Analysis: Using Triangles to Spot Trends in Low-Priced Stocks

Technical Analysis Column: Analyzing patterns in stock price movement can reveal potential buying and selling opportunities. Using triangles to judge patterns in low-priced stocks.

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Lifestyle Changes: Myths and Misconceptions About Life in Retirement

Financial Planning Column: Knowing what to expect and what not to expect as you enter retirement can ease this major lifestyle transition. Debunking the myths of retirement.

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For Chronic Fundaholics: Becoming Your Own Stock Portfolio Manager

A Matter of Opinion: There are numerous individuals who could earn for themselves that 1% to 2% advisory fee they are paying to someone else in a mutual fund.

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