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June 2013 Issue

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Editor's Note

thumbnail for Editor's Note A look at what's in the June 2013 AAII Journal.


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Using Seasonal and Cyclical Stock Market Patterns

thumbnail for Using Seasonal and Cyclical Stock Market Patterns Presidential terms, the calendar month and a basket of January indicators give insight into market direction.


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Valuations, Inflation and Real Returns

The Yale economics professor explains why he looks at 10 years of earnings and the importance of factoring in inflation when valuing assets.


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Money Funds and the Regulators

thumbnail for Money Funds and the Regulators Following the 2008 financial crisis, there has been debate about how much regulatory change is needed, including whether floating net asset values should be required.


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Member News 2013

thumbnail for Member News 2013 Our annual update on AAII programs and services.


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Lowell Miller’s Best Dividend Screen

thumbnail for Lowell Miller’s Best Dividend Screen Portfolio manager Lowell Miller says the best dividend stocks combine growth, reasonable valuations, financial strength and price momentum.


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Is the AAII Sentiment Survey a Contrarian Indicator?

Both optimism and pessimism have had periods where they have stayed at high levels; low levels of optimism have had the highest correlation with market reversals.


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Determining When to Switch to the RMD

Determining when to change from the 4% withdrawal rule to the RMD depends in part on your age and the types of retirement accounts you own.

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Using Seasonal and Cyclical Stock Market Patterns

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” proclaimed philosopher George Santayana. I believe that “those who study market history are bound to profit from it.”

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