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November 2001 Issue

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Why Bond Prices Go Up and Down


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Bond Investing Basics: Why Bond Prices Go Up and Down

Bonds: Since the late 1970s, changes in the interest rate environment have become the greatest single determinant of bond returns, and managing interest rate risk has become the most critical variable in the management of bond portfolios.

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How to Benefit From Reduced Capital Gains Rates

Tax Strategies: The Tax Relief Act of 1997 established lower capital gains tax rates for assets held for more than five years and sold sometime after 2000. Special election rules also allow individual to reset a stock's acquisition date to Jan. 2, 2001.

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When Markets Turn Bad the Basics Remain Fundamental

Feature: The year 2001 has been an example of the need for diversification across styles as well as industries. And the entire bear market should emphasize the need for a long-term commitment.

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U.S. Government Bond Funds: A Portfolio Counterweight

Mutual Funds: As a relatively low risk, understandable and steady counterweight for your stock portfolio, U.S. government bond funds are hard to beat if you do not want to buy the bonds directly and manage them yourself.

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What Steps You Should Take When Your Stock's Price Falls

Stock Selection Strategies: There are no simple rules that will tell you when to sell a stock, but an in-depth understanding of what economic, industry, and firm fundamentals drive the price will better equip you for making decisions.

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An Interview With Matthew B. Fahey, Portfolio Manager, Marshall Mid-Cap Value Fund

Feature: A bottom-up value approach looks for mid-cap stocks that can make the grade.

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Variable Life Insurance Policies and Stock Market Volatility

Insurance Products: The life insurance industry has treated variable life as just a better-performing version of whole life and universal life without realizing that inherent investment volatility makes variable life a very different kind of life insurance.

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