The AAII Journal

November 2005 Issue

Asset Allocation »

Picking the Right Tax Pocket for Your Assets

A 401(k) plan can help minimize the amount of money Uncle Sam grabs from your pockets. But if you have taxable savings in addition to your 401(k), the best way to limit Uncle Sam's reach is to make sure you are putting the right assets into the right pocket - either taxable savings accounts or tax-deferred 401(k) accounts. A look at how to make the "asset location" decision.


Stock Strategies »

The IPO Prospectus: How to Read the Fine Print

With hundreds of IPOs to choose from, how do you sort among the rubble to find the gems? Start with the prospectus, which covers most of the important areas you need to focus on. What to look for in an IPO prospectus.


Stock Screens »

Getting Your Money's Worth: Screening for Return on Equity

thumbnail for Getting Your Money's Worth: Screening for Return on Equity Return on equity (ROE) is a popular measure of profitability and corporate management excellence. How to screen for stocks with strong and solid ROEs.


Insurance Products »

Tax-Advantage Opportunities With Cash Value Life Insurance

Life insurance has exceptional income tax characteristics that are sometimes overlooked by advisors focusing only on term insurance. A look at three situations where the tax advantages can benefit your portfolio.


Hot Links »

Web Sites for IPOs

thumbnail for Web Sites for IPOs The Internet can keep you informed about IPOs, offering everything from IPO descriptions and pertinent dates to follow-up data on how the stock performs after the first day of trading.


Portfolio Strategies »

Tax-Efficient Investing: Picking the Right Pocket for Your Assets

thumbnail for Tax-Efficient Investing: Picking the Right Pocket for Your Assets If you want to keep Uncle Sam’s fingers off your assets, you need to put them into the right tax pocket. A look at the third principle of tax-efficient portfolio management: How to decide which assets should go into your tax-deferred and taxable accounts.


Mutual Funds »

Capitalizing on the Index Fund Advantage

thumbnail for Capitalizing on the Index Fund Advantage Stock index funds offer rock-bottom expense ratios, tax efficiency, diversification and simplicity. But how do you sort through the myriad stock index funds and the numerous stock indexes they follow? An investor’s guide to indexes and index funds.


Stock Strategies »

Evaluating IPOs in Today's Saner Market Environment

Many investors swore off IPOs after so many collapsed in the 2000–2002 bear market. But the last two years have seen a resurgence of IPO offerings. How can individual investors take a sober look at IPOs in today’s saner environment? As with all investing, caveat emptor rules. How to evaluate an IPO.