The AAII Journal

September 2010 Issue

Editor's Note »

Editor's Note

thumbnail for Editor's Note A look at what's in the September 2010 AAII Journal.


Features »

Vehicles for Investing: Commodities or Commodity Companies?

thumbnail for Vehicles for Investing: Commodities or Commodity Companies? Commodities provide both opportunities for profit and a hedge against inflation. Find out how to invest in them.


Commodities »

Gold’s Investment Attributes

thumbnail for Gold’s Investment Attributes Gold Investment Attributes: An interview with Thomas Winmill. The manager of the Midas Fund explains why gold provides protection against depreciating currencies and how to allocate your portfolio to the precious metal.


Beginning Investor »

Investment Vehicle Attributes

thumbnail for Investment Vehicle Attributes Learn the characteristics of the most commonly used investment vehicles.


The First Cut »

Low Price-to-Sales Ratio Stocks

thumbnail for Low Price-to-Sales Ratio Stocks Low price-to-sales ratios may identify undervalued firms sooner than price-earnings ratios.


Economic & Market Analysis »

Which Economic Indicators Matter?

An interview with Aaron Smith. Learn which data best gauges the health and the direction of the economy from a senior economist at Moody’s


Hot Links »

Economic Data Sources

thumbnail for Economic Data Sources Where to find the key data to watch for signals about trends in the economy.


Portfolio Strategies »

Capital Pains: Rules for Capital Losses

thumbnail for Capital Pains: Rules for Capital Losses The tax code limits the deduction that can be taken for net capital losses, but it also allows losses to be offset by gains from assets other than investment securities.


Insurance Products »

Variable Universal Life: Astute Management Required

The inherent volatility of equity sub-accounts makes this a very different type of life insurance.


Stock Screens »

Screening for Stocks With High Relative Dividend Yields

thumbnail for Screening for Stocks With High Relative Dividend Yields This screen identifies stocks with yields that are above their historical averages and that have histories of rising dividend payments.

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