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Do-It-Yourself Stock Investor

What approaches to stock selection actually work? We've distilled landmark research studies and realworld results to show you the best approach to stock selection and how to identify winning stocks.
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Fund Investor

The success or failure of actively managed funds and ETFs are due primarily to the skills of the fund manager. Learn how to identify fund manager characteristics that can predict higher fund performance.
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Retired Investor

For retirees looking to protect their nest eggs from market volatility, research indicates that instead of reducing your exposure to stocks throughout retirement you would be better off increasing it.
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Aug 16, 2017
The Stock Market and the Media: Turn It on, But Tune It Out
This week’s AAII Weekly Digest highlights these “must-read” AAII articles:   Deep Value Investing Has Not Gone Out of Style One of the fundamental tenets of value investing, first outlined by Benjamin Graham in his seminal work “The Intelligent Investor” is the concept of margin of safety. Margin of safety simply refers to how much […] Read more »

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Invest Where You have an Edge

Following time-tested academic research, build and maintain a portfolio of small-cap value stocks where you have the advantage over institutional investors and high-frequency traders.

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Generate Investment Income, Even in a Down Market

Build a portfolio of dividend-paying stocks that offers downside protection in a bear market that will generate income whether the market goes up or down.

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Invest for the Long Term

Having a short-term investment mindset can lead you to take unnecessary risks. Develop a long-term investment approach and reduce the risk of market volatility.