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What approaches to stock selection actually work? We've distilled landmark research studies and real-world results to show you the best ways to identify winning stocks.

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The success or failure of mutual funds is due primarily to the skills of the manager. Learn how to identify fund manager characteristics that can predict higher performance.

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For retirees looking to protect their nest eggs from market volatility, research indicates that instead of reducing your exposure to stocks you would be better off increasing it.

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Common Investor Mistakes and Other Insights

John Bogle

Founder of the Vanguard Group of mutual funds and president of its Bogle Financial Markets Research Center.

Dividends Are Still Valuable

John Buckingham

Director of research and chief portfolio manager of AFAM Capital. He is also the editor of The Prudent Speculator.

Real Returns Favor Holding Stocks

Jeremy Siegel

Russell E. Palmer Professor of Finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the senior investment strategy adviser to WisdomTree Investments Inc.

Defining Your Investment Philosophy

Ben Carlson

Director of institutional asset management at Ritholtz Wealth Management and author of “A Wealth of Common Sense”.

Five Steps for Gaining Control of Your Investments and Avoiding Mistakes

Carl Richards

Certified financial planner and the director of investor education for The BAM Alliance.

Driving Emotions From Your Investment Process: A 12-Step Program

Thomas Howard

CEO and director of research for AthenaInvest Inc.

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