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Installing and Updating Stock Investor Pro

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You have just purchased Stock Investor Pro, AAII’s fundamental stock screening and research database program. Now what? In this installment of Stock Investor News, we will answer that question by going over how to install the program directly from the Web. This requires a high-speed Internet connection, which is why we also offer the program on a CD. Step-by-step instructions for the CD installation are available in the Getting Started Guide. For timely data updates, we also touch on the weekly updates available online and the differences between the two update files.

Installing Stock Investor Pro for the First Time

The full program installation file is available at the Stock Investor download area of Visit our website at and click on Stock Investor Pro at the very top of the home page.

At the Stock Investor page, click on SI Pro Data Updates in the blue box on the right side of the page to open the Downloads page. Here you will find a total of six file choices available. To install the program for the first time, choose Program/Data Install, which is the first option.

If you already have Stock Investor Pro installed, jump to the Weekly Updates section of this email to learn about updating the database on a periodic basis.

For first-time users, click on the Program/Data Install icon to start downloading the installation file. Depending on your browser (we recommend using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), you may be asked if you want to Run or Save the file. We always recommend saving the file (proinstall.exe) onto your computer, preferably to your desktop for easy access. The file should download in less than two minutes with a high-speed Internet connection. We advise against using a dial-up connection to download this file, as the file will likely be corrupted. After the download completes, double-click on proinstall.exe from your desktop (or other chosen location). If you are running Windows 7 64-bit, we recommend right-clicking on proinstall.exe and running the file as an administrator. Windows may ask you for permission to run the file. Choose Run and “InstallShield Wizard” will be launched. Click Next when the window pops up.

Please take a moment to read the user agreement and if you agree, click Yes.

You can choose the destination folder for Stock Investor Pro at the next screen. We recommend keeping the default destination. Click Next to move on.

Confirm the name of the Program Folder that appears in your Start Menu at the following screen and click Next.

The following screen allows you to verify your current settings. Once you are satisfied, click Next to start the installation.

After the data transfer is completed, you can choose whether to create a shortcut on your desktop. You may also read the ReadMe file, which contains information on recent program updates and changes. On the final screen, click Finish and Stock Investor Pro will be launched. The program will perform database management operations and then ask you if you would like to recalculate the custom fields. It is strongly recommended that you select Yes so that the custom fields in the program are recalculated to reflect the new data. Stock Investor Pro will open after the calculations are complete. You can check the data as-of date at any time by going to the Help menu and selecting About.

Weekly Updates

Once you have installed Stock Investor Pro, you can perform periodic data updates. AAII offers weekly and month-end data updates to Stock Investor Pro subscribers. These files are typically available for download from the Weekly Data Updates page of the Stock Investor area of by Saturday afternoon (Central time). You can subscribe to the AAII Stock Investor RSS feed to receive notices when the new weekly update files are available, or follow Stock Investor Pro on Twitter @AAII_SIPro.

There are three weekly update files available: the Program/Data Install file, which includes the program installation and the latest data (the same update that was mentioned earlier and intended for those installing the program for the first time); the Partial Weekly Update, which updates price-sensitive data, growth rates, ratios, and earnings estimates; and the Full Weekly Update, which will update all the data in the entire Stock Investor Pro database. We recommend the full update for users who have a high-speed Internet connection. The partial update is for those using a dial-up connection; if you use the partial update, it is important to also install the monthly update CD to get the latest financial statement data. For more information on the differences between the various weekly updates, click here.

To run a weekly update, first make sure that Stock Investor Pro and Stock Investor Utilities are not running on your system, and then go to the Weekly Data Updates page of the Stock Investor Pro area of

At the Weekly Data Updates page, click on either the Full Weekly Update or the Partial Weekly Update button to download a weekly update file. If you experience problems downloading the selected weekly update file, try clicking on the “Secondary Server” link below the update button.

Depending on the Web browser you are using, you may be prompted to either Run or Save the update file you selected. If so, we recommend that you first save the file to your computer, preferably to your desktop, so you can easily locate the file when the download is complete.

When the download process is complete, double-click on the update file you downloaded (the Partial Update will be named update.exe and the Full Update will be named fullupdate.exe) to launch the update installation wizard. Once again, depending on the version of Windows you are running, you may receive a warning message. Click Run to continue.

Click Next at the Welcome screen of the Stock Investor Pro Setup window.

You will be asked to verify the destination folder where Stock Investor is installed on your computer. Click Next if this is correct.

The final menu window before the installation begins displays a summary of the installation settings you have specified. If you are satisfied with the current settings, click Next to start the installation process.

When the update files are successfully installed to your system, you will be prompted to finish the process. Click Finish to launch Stock Investor Pro, which will perform a series of database management operations, such as re-indexing files, just as it did during the initial installation. Lastly, you will be asked if you want to recalculate the custom fields. We strongly recommend you always click Yes to this when installing the program or a data update. Otherwise, the custom fields in the program will not reflect the new data you just installed. When the recalculation is complete, the Stock Investor Pro program window will open and you are ready to begin.

You can verify the data as of date in Stock Investor by clicking on the Help menu and selecting About (Help—About). At the bottom of the About Stock Investor Professional window you will find the monthly and weekly data as of dates.

Availability of Weekly Downloads

Typically, the weekly data update files are updated and ready for download from the AAII website by Saturday afternoon (Central Time). However, any data problems encountered during our quality assurance checks or delays in receiving the data from our data vendor may delay the release of the weekly data update files. When this happens, we post notices on the Weekly Updates download page and issue alerts via the Stock Investor Pro RSS feed and on Twitter (see below for more on these).

AAII SI Pro Updates RSS Feed

In an effort to keep Stock Investor Pro subscribers better informed of the status of the weekly data updates, we offer an RSS feed specifically for the weekly data downloads.

RSS, short for Real Simple Syndication, is a publishing format that lets people view headlines of the latest updates from websites within a single newsreader or aggregator program. More importantly, you can receive content automatically by “subscribing” to a Web feed—there is no cost involved—so you do not have to keep going to the AAII website to see if the latest weekly updates are available. Another advantage of RSS feeds is that they do not run the risk of ending up in your spam filter as can happen with email messages.

In order to enable RSS feeds for Stock Investor Pro, click on Stock Investor Pro RSS in the Important Links box on the right-hand side of the Weekly Data Updates page.

The next page will allow you to choose the RSS reader you would like to use.

Once you enable this feature, the Stock Investor Pro updates will automatically appear in your RSS reader.

Stock Investor Pro on Twitter

We have recently set up a Stock Investor Pro Twitter account. Users of this micro-blogging website can follow us @AAII_SIPro to learn about the availability of weekly data updates (or delays in posting updates) and other timely information about Stock Investor Pro.