Generating Statistical Summary and Industry Reports

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Stock Investor Pro offers a wide range of options to view stock data for a group of stocks, whether that is the entire universe, the stocks in a saved portfolio, or the results of a stock screen. For times when you want to print this data, Stock Investor Pro offers a plethora of predefined and customizable reports. Reports allow users to cull the financial data that interests them and see it presented in an easy-to-read format. In the October 2011 issue of Stock Investor News, we discussed generating reports with views. In this issue, we discuss generating reports that give a statistical summary for a group of stocks and that show median values for sectors and industries.

Statistical Summary Report

Stock Investor Pro

Have you ever wanted to know what the median price-earnings ratio of the S&P 500 index is? Or, have you wished you could see the average market capitalization (number of shares outstanding multiplied by current share price) for the results of a screen? A statistical summary report allows you to calculate this type of information.

Statistical summary reports are similar to view reports in that both are based upon a view containing the data fields you specify. However, while view reports display the actual field values for each company, statistical summary reports calculate the average, median, high, low and standard deviation values for the fields based on the active set of companies in the stock notebook. Again, the active set of companies may be the entire database of companies, the companies in a loaded portfolio, or the results of an applied stock screen.

In order to print a statistical summary report, select the group of companies for which the report will be generated. For our example, companies that pass the *Templeton, John screen are loaded as the active set of companies. Next, go to the Available Reports menu (click on File > Print ) and double-click on the Statistical Summary Report – Active Notebook. At the View Report window, select the view you wish to print, and then click the Ok button to generate the report. For our example, we are selecting the Multiples view for the statistical summary report. From the generated report you can see, among other things, that the median price-earnings ratio for the 10 companies passing the *Templeton, John screen as of February 17, 2012, is 14.65 and that the median price-to-book ratio is 2.92.

Sector and Industry Median Report

Sector and industry median reports are similar to statistical summary reports in that they present median data. However, these reports are predefined, meaning you cannot customize the information contained in them.

From the Available Reports window (File > Print), double-click on the Industry Medians report, choose either Sectors or Industries at the bottom of the window, and then select the specific industry or sector on which you wish to run the report. Click Ok to generate the report. The two-page reports contain median industry or sector values for select multiples, growth rates, earnings estimates, ratios, financial statement data, and price and share statistics. In our example, we show a portion of the report for the auto and truck manufacturers industry.