Multiscreen Selector and Crosstab Report

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We hope all SI Pro subscribers are aware by now that Stock Investor Pro 4.0 was recently released. In addition to programming the software to perform automatic updates, we also added a major function that has long been requested by AAII members: the ability to see which companies are passing multiple stock screens.

This installment of Stock Investor News walks you through using the new Crosstab Report, which allows you to find companies that are passing several screens and filter for the companies that are passing the most number of screens.

Multiscreen Selector

The new Crosstab Report must be run through the Multiscreen Selector, which allows you to apply multiple stock screens to the active stock notebook (either the entire universe or the contents of an applied portfolio). Just as with Stock Investor Pro’s other editors, there are three ways to open the Multiscreen Selector: Choose Tools from the main menu and select Multiscreen Selector, press ALT and M, or click on the Multiscreen Selector icon from the toolbar.

After opening the Multiscreen Selector, you will notice the Available Screens list on the left portion of the window and the Screens to be Evaluated box in the right portion of the window. Select the screens you want to filter the active stock notebook against by highlighting a name in the Available Screens list and clicking on the Add button so that it appears in the Screens to be Evaluated list. Repeat this process until you have all the screens you wish to evaluate selected. If you wish to delete a screen from the Screens to be Evaluated list, highlight the name and press Delete. You can select all screens or delete all screens by pressing the corresponding buttons in the middle of the window.

As you add screens to be evaluated, the Count column displays the number of stocks passing each individual screen. In our example of two screens selected, you can see that 24 companies are passing the Buffett (Hagstrom) screen and 15 companies are passing the Richard Driehaus screen. To screen for companies that pass all of your chosen screens, select the button next to Apply And in the middle of the window (the default option). If you select the button next to Apply Or, the results will show companies that pass any one of your chosen screens. Once you are finished selecting the screens you want to use, click on the Apply button in the middle of the window. The Multiscreen Selector will apply the selected screens to the active set of companies and display the results. If there are no companies passing the screens, you will get a message to that effect.

Crosstab Report

The Crosstab Report shows stocks that pass a minimum number of selected stock screens. Similarly, it also can show which companies are passing the most screens.

First, open the Multiscreen Selector and choose the screens you want the stocks in the active stock notebook to be evaluated on. You may select all the screens or just a few. Once you are finished selecting screens, click on Crosstab in the middle of the window to open the Multiscreen Selector – Crosstab Calculator window.

From this window, you can specify a minimum number of selected screens that a stock must pass (in our example, we chose at least two of four selected screens); whether you want the output in a printable report or exported as an Excel spreadsheet; the orientation of the data contained in the printable report (across by screen or across by issue); and, if you are exporting to Excel, the location where the Crosstab export file should be saved. When you have selected your preferences, click the Ok button. In this example, the Crosstab Report was generated as a printable report with the orientation across by issue and shows eight companies passing at least two of the four screens that we specified.

If you choose to export the file as an Excel Spreadsheet, two files will be generated: the output file and a key file. The output file presents the companies that passed the minimum required number of screens you specified, along with the total number of screens it passed and which screens it passed. However, the screen names (column heads for columns E and beyond) are exported as internal Stock Investor Pro identifiers, so a translation is needed. The key file provides the screen names for each of the internal identifiers; you can cut and paste these names into your output file.

To see which companies pass the most predefined screens, simply add all the predefined screens to the Screens to be Evaluated list in the Multiscreen Selector and click on Crosstab. Change the minimum number of passing screens to a low number and export the companies into Excel format. Stocks in the resulting spreadsheet are listed in descending order by the number of screens passed, shown in the count column (column D).