Stock Investor Pro Getting Started

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Stock Investor Automatic Updates

AAII offers daily data updates to subscribers. These files are typically available before Noon (Central) Tuesday through Saturday. Whenever you open Stock Investor Pro, the program will compare the date of the data you have installed to that of the data update file available online. If newer data is available, you will be prompted to install the newer data or you may continue using the older data.

  1. Make sure Stock Investor Utilities is not running on your system and open Stock Investor Pro 4.5.
  2. The first time you open the program after the initial installation, you will be asked for the same username and password you used to access the Stock Investor Pro Downloads page (Figure 5):

    Figure 5.
    Log in using your AAII member number to access updates.
    If you want, you can disable the automatic updates feature by clicking the check box next to Disable Automatic Updates. However, since we do not offer a stand-alone weekly update file, we do not recommend that you disable this feature. If you do disable it, you can re-enable it by going to the Update Stock Investor menu within Stock Investor Pro.

    After you enter your username and password, hit Enter or click Ok. The program will then take a moment to compare the date of the data you have installed on your system to that of the data available on the update server. If newer data is not available, the program will open. If newer data is available and you choose to skip the update, you must close Stock Investor Pro and restart it to download and install the automatic update (Step 3 below).

    **Note that the automatic update feature requires an active Internet connection. If you are not connected to the Internet and attempt an automatic update, you will receive a message to check your Internet connection or contact Technical Support.

  3. If newer data is available, a window will appear telling you the date of the data you have installed and the dates of the data that are available (Figure 6).
  4. For the latest data, click the radio button next to Current Data Update and click Update. If you do not wish to update the data at this time, click Skip Update and Stock Investor Pro will open.
  5. If you chose to update your data, the updater will download the update file. This may take several minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Once the download is complete, there will be a period of inactivity before the update installation begins. Please be patient during this time.
  6. If you receive a prompt asking you to allow the program to make changes to your computer, click Yes to proceed.
  7. Once the update installation is complete, there will be another period of inactivity lasting approximately 30 seconds before the Stock Investor Utilities opens and performs a series of database management operations, including reindexing database files and installing predefined data.
  8. Lastly, the program will automatically recalculate the custom fields. Once the recalculation is complete, the Stock Investor Pro program window will open to Stock Notebook #1 – Untitled and you are ready to begin using the software.
Figure 6.
The automatic updater shows the date of the data currently
installed and the date of the latest available data.

At the bottom of the program window, you will see the weekly “data as of” date. It should correspond with the date of the update you downloaded and installed.