Stock Investor Video Tutorials

How to Build Your Own Stock Screens With Stock Investor Pro
This webinar will walk you through how to create your own stock screens with Stock Investor Pro, including how to use the Screen Editor, the primary tool for creating, editing and saving screens in the program.

Measuring Performance With Relative Strength
AAII’s fundamental stock screening and research database allows users to measure stock performance and screen for outperforming stocks using relative strength.

Using the Stock Notebook to Improve Your Productivity with Stock Investor Pro
Investors are often pressed for time and are on the lookout for ways to economize their analysis efforts. The Stock Notebook in Stock Investor Pro is an analysis “template” that allows users to apply a stock screen, portfolio, collection of data points and ranking order. Once you have set up a Stock Notebook, you can perform all of these functions simultaneously instead of having to apply them over and over.

Stock Investor Pro Q&A Webinar
Stock Investor Pro Q&A Webinar: During this webinar Stock Investor Pro program manager, Wayne Thorp, answered user questions on a variety of topics, including how to know when to sell a stock, how to see if stocks you track pass a given screen or if a stock you track passes multiple screens, and many more.

Using and Interpreting Sector & Industry Median Data in Stock Investor Pro
The sector and industry median data in Stock Investor allows you to compare companies against their peers and identify the leaders and laggards in a given sector or industry.

Using and Interpreting Percentile Rank Data in Stock Investor Pro
Percentile rank data in Stock Investor Pro allows users to compare a company to the entire stock universe. In addition, by using percentile rank fields when building stock screens, you are creating screens that automatically adjust to market and economic conditions.

Stock Investor Pro Valuations: Estimating a Stock's Fair Value
The valuation models available in Stock Investor Pro allow you to compare a stock’s current price to an estimate of value based on earnings, dividends, cash flow, free cash flow and sales to see if the stock is potentially over- or under-valued.

Isolating the “Top” Passing Companies in Stock Investor Pro
This video will walk you through the steps to isolate the top passing companies in Stock Investor Pro to mimic the results posted at the Stock Screens area of

Copy Paste from the Stock Notebook
Learn how to easily extract data from Stock Investor Pro for use in third-party analytical tools such as Microsoft Excel.

An Introduction to Stock Investor Pro
In this presentation from the 2015 AAII Investor Conference, Wayne A. Thorp, Stock Investor Pro program manager and AAII’s senior financial analyst demonstrates the fundamental stock screening and research database. If you are new to the program or looking for a refresher course, Wayne provides an overview of the program and its key features.

Creating a View in Stock Investor Pro
In Stock Investor Pro, users are able to create views that include the data points in which they are most interested. This video provides a walkthrough of creating a custom view that enables you to quickly access relevant data points.

Isolating Data Fields
For each investment methodology, there are certain data points that are more important than others. This video shows you how to isolate certain data points and rank companies based on specific data points using Stock Investor Pro.

Generating Reports With Views
Stock Investor Pro offers users a wide range of reports. This video goes over view reports which allow users to print specific data points in a customized view for a set of stocks. View reports can be printed on any set of stocks, including the result of a screen or a portfolio.

Installing and Updating Stock Investor Pro
This videos offers step-by-step instructions on downloading, installing and updating Stock Investor Pro.

Predefined Stock Screens
Stock Investor Pro comes pre-installed with a set of over 60 pre-defined screens. Not only can users pull up these screens at any time, Stock Investor Pro allows users to see the screening criteria in each one and tweak the screens according to personal preferences. This video tutorial goes over the process.

Creating Basic Custom Screens
One of the most widely used features of Stock Investor Pro is its stock screening capabilities. This videos shows how to create basic custom screens.

Advanced Custom Screens
This video provides a walkthrough of creating advanced custom screens including using parenthesis and “or” statements.

Generating Statistical Summary and Industry Reports
Statistical summary reports presents the median, average, high and low values in a set of companies for each data point and industry reports displays the averages for each data point for an industry group. Both reports are available in Stock Investor Pro and this video will show you how to access and print each one.

Stock Investor Pro Valuations
This video discusses Stock Investor Pro’s valuation tab which can be used to ascertain whether a stock is fairly priced based on earnings, sales, dividends and cash flows.

Creating, Using and Editing Portfolios.
Create portfolios to keep track of specific companies in Stock Investor Pro.

Earnings Estimates
Using Stock Investor Pro to track analysts’ earnings estimates and earnings surprises.

Installing Stock Investor Pro 4.0
Install Stock Investor Pro 4.0 and Utilize Automatic Updating!

Multiscreen Selector and Crosstab Report
The NEW Crosstab Report shows companies passing the most predefined screens!

Introduction to the Custom Field Editor
Use Stock Investor Pro's Custom Field Editor to run powerful, customized stock screens.

Combining Two Expressions in One Custom Field
Use Stock Investor Pro allows users to combine multiple expressions into one custom field.

Two Newly Added Features: Copy and Paste, and Custom Default Notebook
AAII's Stock Investor Pro 4.0 has added new program features: Quick Copy and Paste, and Custom Default Notebook!

Isolating Data With Views
A quick tutorial on using AAII's Stock Investor Pro to isolate and export data.

Introducing the Graham Enterprising Revised Screen
AAII’s fundamental stock screening and research database allows users to measure stock performance and screen for outperforming stocks using relative strength.

Using Percentile Rank
AAII’s fundamental stock screening and research database to research and screen using data point percentile ranks.

Introducing and Creating the CAN SLIM No Float Screen
Using Stock Investor Pro to edit a predefined screen to better suit your investment needs.

Printing Comprehensive Company Data Using Reports
Use AAII's fundamental stock screening and research database to print comprehensive fundamental company data using built-in reports.

Trend Analysis and Comparing Companies
Use Stock Investor Pro, to perform trend analysis and compare companies of different sizes

Trend Analysis and Comparing Companies, Part 2
More on performing trend analysis and comparing companies of different sizes

Using Multiples to Gauge Value
Stock Investor Pro, offers a range of multiples that can help you gauge a company’s value.

Creating a Notebook Template
Quickly and easily load screens, views and rankings using a notebook template in AAII’s Stock Investor Pro

Creating Basic Custom Screens
Creating custom screens to find strong companies that meet your personal investment methodology...

2013 AAII Investor Conference: An Introduction to Stock Investor Pro
This is Wayne A. Thorp's presentation from the 2013 AAII Investor Conference. The presentation covers the basics on Stock Investor Pro and its functionality.

Backing Up and Restoring Custom User Files
Back up and transfer your custom user files in Stock Investor Pro...

Backtesting Using Stock Investor Pro
Backtest different investment methodologies using AAII's fundamental stock screening and research database Stock Investor Pro...

Creating, Using and Editing Portfolios
Use AAII’s stock screening and research database, Stock Investor Pro, to track stocks in which you are interested...

Statistical Summary and Sector/Industry Reports
How to use Stock Investor Pro to generate reports...

Discovering Ratios
How to find ratio calculations using Stock Investor Pro...

Online Resources for Getting the Most from SI Pro
A number of SI Pro resources provide assistance to both new users and those who are familiar with the program but want to learn more.

Using the Screen Editor
Stock screening is the process of applying a set of quantifiable criteria to a universe of stocks to isolate those stocks that match the preferred criteria.

Using the View Editor
Customizing data to see only the information you want.

Updating Stock Investor Pro
Options for updating your SI Pro weekly data.

Customizing Your Passing Companies List
How to edit a screen to refine your passing companies list.

Resolving a Software Glitch
How to repair an incomplete database…

Screen Editor: The Nitty Gritty
Doing more with the screen editor

Uncommon Errors
Solutions for commonly seen issues.

Exploring the Tabs
Exploring the tabs to dig deeper into fundamental analysis to identify appropriate investment opportunities

Leveraging the Help Menu
Learning to use help resources within Stock Investor Pro

Editing the Shadow Stock Screen
Editing a pre-installed screen

Reports Galore
Expand your capabilities in Stock Investor Pro by utilizing the reports options.

Tips and Tools
Useful tools within Stock Investor Pro.

Using the Full Program Installation & Data File to Update the Stock Investor Database
This Stock Investor video tutorial walks you through how to use the full program installation and data file to update the Stock Investor database instead of the automatic update feature.