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The Stock Investor Wiki is an initiative from AAII's Technical Support team that leverages our own technical knowledge of the software with customer contributions. This method of collaboration helps create a scalable and timely environment for building greater customer intimacy, community and interactive customer and technical support. The Stock Investor Wiki enables dynamic collaboration and co-creation of Web content that can be joined with AAII support documentation to form a more robust and diverse AAII Technical Support information bank.

AAII supplies this space as a place for Stock Investor users to exchange information, tips, ideas, etc. It's a public area, a shared space. If your questions aren't of general interest, you're better off sending E-mail to The Technical Support Team at AAII. That's also the place to send tech support questions.

This is also a community project. Left to themselves, open fora tend to get lost in clutter, making it hard for newcomers to find the good parts. We urge regular visitors to help out by answering questions, removing obsolete or obnoxious material, and adding good new material.

Why a Wiki?

The Stock Investor Wiki provides a collaborative platform for customers to discuss AAII's Stock Investor fundamental stock screening and research database program in real time.

It also:

  • Lets users easily search a robust collection of AAII technical support documentation, tools and resources combined with dynamically generated articles contributed by users.
  • Produces a scalable system that integrates AAII Technical Support and customer postings to develop the next generation of AAII support documentation through co-creation of content.
  • Gives insight to AAII on customer interests and concerns.
  • Builds a unique AAII community whereby all users share their own proven methodologies with contributions from others to create innovative new best practices.
  • Further empowers users to get technical assistance through collaboration with AAII Technical Support and their peers, lowering the number of service requests submitted.

Terms of Use

The Stock Investor Wiki is a resource for current Stock Investor Pro sibscribers. In order to add or modify content, you must be a current Stock Investor subscriber and registered at AAII.com. With your AAII.com log-in information, you can collaborate with the Stock Investor community within the parameters of our Terms of Use. Content added must be appropriate for the intent of this site. Content deemed out of scope by AAII Technical Support will be removed.

Violations of Terms of Use may have more serious consequences, up to and including suspension of your User Account and IP Address.

Some articles on Stock Investor Support Wiki have been protected and the content cannot be modified (i.e. policies). But this is a wiki, and the intent is to encourage collaboration! We have seeded the Stock Investor Support Wiki with many articles to get started. As the wiki grows in content, pages may be moved by the AAII Technical Support team or other users to ensure logical navigation for everyone.

We encourage your questions and feedback!