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The Stock Investor Support Knowledge Base is wiki, which means you or anyone else can edit Knowledge Base articles. In order to edit pages in the Stock Investor Support Knowledge Base, you need to create a Stock Investor Support Wiki account. All you need is an E-mail address. To register, see our Registration page.

With the exception of a few protected pages, every page has a link that says "Edit this page", which lets you edit the page you are looking at. This allows you to make corrections and add facts to articles.

Go to the sandbox and click the "Edit this page" link. This will open an edit window with the wikicode (text) for that page. Add something fun and interesting or "Hello world!" then save it and see what you have done! (Note: not on this page)

Edit summary

Before you hit Save, it is considered good etiquette to enter a polite explanation of your changes in the summary box between the edit window and the Save button. It can be quite terse; for example if you just enter "typo", people will know you made a minor spelling or punctuation correction, or some other small change.