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Getting Started

Welcome to Stock Investor Pro!

Have you just opened Stock Investor Pro for the first time? It's a very powerful tool and it can take a while to get used to all the things it can do. Here are some resources and tips for learning the basic concepts and principles of Stock Investor.

The Help System within Stock Investor is a great place to get the basics of Stock Investor's features. To access the Help System, select Contents and Index from the Help menu at the top of the program window (Help--Contents and Index). A PDF version of the Help system is also available for download. Read up on these major topics in particular - "Using the Notebook to View Financial Data", "Creating and Using Screen Filters", "Creating and Using Portfolios", "Creating and Using Views", and "Printing/Exporting Data":


Additional Documentation

Here are some additional topics you may find useful:

Still Need Help?

If you are still looking for an answer to a question, you may wish to Ask your fellow Stock Investor users.