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How to get started contributing to Stock Investor Support Wiki

Did you know that users can provide content for Stock Investor Support Wiki? Want to help us out? Great! Stock Investor Support Wiki relies on contributions from users like you, so anything you can do is greatly appreciated.

Improve the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is the backbone of the site. We always need help:

  • Improving current Knowledge Base articles (correcting spelling, adding missing information, etc.)
  • Suggesting Stock Investor topics that we should have articles on
  • Writing new Knowledge Base articles

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or need guidance! We are here to help (see below for ways to get in touch with us).

Provide user support

People need somewhere to go when thet can't find the answer they're looking for in the Knowlesge Base. We offer both discussion forums where users can post a question to the community as well as contact AAII Technical Support via E-mail.

Stock Investor Discussion Forum

For a quick overview of how to provide support in the forum, see this article.


Note: We are putting this contact info for people who want to help us with the Stock Investor Support project, not for people in need of support or who want to suggest improvements and/or report bugs in Stock Investor itself! If you are in need of technical support, please Ask a question for your options.

"I understand that by clicking the [+] below, I acknowledge that I will not use the E-mail address to send questions/feedback about Stock Investor itself, but on the Stock Investor Support project."