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How can I decipher the column heading names when I export data from Stock Investor

In Stock Investor, you have the ability to export data in a variety of formats, including comma- and tab-delimited ASCII text, database (.dbf) format, and Excel spreadsheet format. To do so, select the File menu and then Export Data (File—Export Data). This will open the Export Data window:


This window indicates the set of active companies you are exporting (a loaded portfolio or screen), how the exported companies will be ranked, the data fields that will be exported (dictated by the View you select), the file type of the export file, and the name of the export file as well as where it will be saved.

When you export data from Stock Investor, two files are actually created. The first is the primary file containing all the data and has the name you specified in the Export Data window—in this example, Zweig_20090130.XLS. The second file has the same name plus the notation _Key. The Key file contains the “plain English” heading names of the data fields you are exporting:


If you wish to display the plain-English heading names in your primary Excel export file, simply select and copy the “long_name” headings beginning in cell B2 of the Key file:


Then, without closing the Key file, open the primary export file, right-click in cell A1 and select Paste Special:


This will open the Paste Special window, where you will want to place a check mark next to Transpose:


Once you have done this, click Ok and Excel will replace the existing heading names with the heading names from the Key file: